♥♥ Ichi Perfektion ♥♥

♥♥ Ichi Perfektion ♥♥

♥♥ Ichi Perfektion ♥♥

Holaaaa my preciosaaaas I hope q ARE veery veery bn, I think q delay long to upload a inputa but esq desd the cel I do not like and even today is q entered the pc, well my beautiful, today I bring you another very special entradita for you, or good for girls who suffer from sagging, that's quite normal for the loss constant weight yq truth about embarrassing, so today I bring you this entradita, I hope you like: *

How to eliminate sagging arms:

Flaccid arms are more than a physical appearance problem. Many women are desperate and it even spills over their mind to fix it in the chiropractor, but the truth is that toning and firming the skin of the arms is not as difficult as it seems.

As for weight loss with natural remedies, to eliminate sagging arms is needed:

If you start with a mentality that you will get the desired results in a week, or a month, you are most likely to become discouraged.

To see results you need to be constant in our plan for a period of at least 6 months to start seeing the results.

Willpower is key to succeeding in your goal. . But if you keep a positive mindset, you repeat your motivations and visualize the results, will be easier to stand firm in your purpose

I recommend them 3 important in order to eliminate the flab forms:

< Exercise regularly, including resistance, is a good way to assert loose skin and tone muscles. Doing some bodybuilding exercises to produce a thin layer of firm muscles, make the skin hanging on the abdomen, arms and face decrease considerably.

Now as my entry is specified only in the arms, here I leave you some effective exercises that will help you:)

You should do 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Whether sitting or standing, hold a lump above your head with both hands on one end of the weight. Lower the weight as much as possible behind the head and count 1-2-3-4. Hold the position for a second and change sides.

Lying either in your bed or in an exercise bed, lie on your back with the soles of your feet on the surface, your knees bent and your head on the edge.

With a plague in each hand, extend the arms above the head. Then bend your arms by your elbows, lower the weights gently from behind the head to the forehead. Returns to the original position and repeats.

Another option is to do a cardio workout routine and add an exercise session known as "lizards."

I give you a clear picture of other simple, easy and effective exercises for sagging arms

Reducing your intake of carbohydrates and consuming foods rich in protein is good for eliminating abdominal flaccidity, because protein helps in building muscles. Lean proteins such as chicken breast, lean pork and beef provide the protein needed for the muscles to stay and grow, helping to firm loose skin after losing weight fast.

- Healthy protein (whole grains, fruits and vegetables)

-Healthy fat (almonds, olive oil)

/ p>

Well, that's all for today, I hope you serve them a lot, remember the adorooo and all that public is to keep bn nice, more beautiful than they are, besitoooos cuidenseee

Already I do not have short hair or iron xD

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