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A collaborative story written during a creative writing workshop between the Forest Online and Wild Forest and Fauna's Future Leaders program. Written by Jimmy, Jason, Sunshine, Elvis, and Tania.

In the Cups

The sound of thunder shakes the earth. Its rumbling continues throughout the jungle as the rain runs between the leaves and the mud. Lightning light cuts through the dark sky and reveals every corner and every space where wild creatures protect themselves from the rain. The storm continues with all its fury, signaling the beginning of the rainy season.

Despite the destructive force of the storm, the forest remains serene, revealing the delicate balance between Mother's power Nature and the fragility of the jungle. The complex ecosystem of the jungle needs this power to calm the insatiable thirst of life.

Among the density of vegetation, rain drops roll downhill in the shell of a turtle concentrated in itself. The old turtle opens its eyes slowly and curiously, watching everything around it, focusing on every little detail. He noticed an unusual detail, a turquoise leaf that fell gently near her. The movement of the fall was not like that of other leaves, but seemed to dance with the breeze. After a moment, the delicate butterfly, disguised as a leaf, perched on the back of the turtle, delicately and majestically, which captivated the turtle.

The butterfly was flying along the beach, looking for by salts and minerals essential for your diet, trying to evade rainfall.

The diet of certain animals includes plants that contain toxins that can damage their health. In clumps, these animals find clays that contain salts and minerals essential to neutralize these toxins. This is where the butterfly meets the turtle.

M: "I'm here looking for food."

T: I've seen many of you on these beaches, but I've never seen one like you, bright blue like the summer skies. M: In many places we are many and dominate the fields, we entertain the playful girls and we feed on the sweetness of the flowers, but now we are very few, very rare. We seek shelter from the rains and lethal winds. That's why I came to this beach.

T: It's very true. During the rainy season its population decreases, but its beauty increases. But in my long life I have never seen your species fly so freely and so close to me.

M: As a caterpillar, I was born and grew not far from your waters. I fed from the leaves of the many shrubs that surround the beach. I do not know how I came here as a caterpillar, but being a butterfly, look for others like me. I traveled to woods beyond my own, and finally I found others of my kind. Just when he had found happiness, a violent storm hit our home. The strong winds quenched the life flames of many of my sisters. I survived by divine grace or by chance chance. Being alone, I decided to return to my place of origin, hoping to find another one like me.

T: Your goal is noble, but you have been blinded by your own perseverance. You look for others like you, but you have forgotten that we are all one. Although we are different species, we all live in the same ecosystem. We all need all, whether to live or to be happy. You seek happiness, but you forget that happiness comes in many forms and many colors. The essential thing is friendship, and between species there is a bond that unites us. Do not forget that. Recognize the link between species and only then will you find true happiness.

Narrator: At that moment, we heard the rumble of boots announcing the arrival of foreign visitors.

T: Do not worry, nothing will happen. They are just tourists and all they want from us is a photo. Come and settle with me!

In the Clay-licks

BOOM! The thunder shakes the earth and continues to rumble as the rain washes over the land. Lightning pierces the overwhelming blackness and reveals all the nooks and crannies of the rainforest where each animal finds a safe haven. The storm rages on - the rainy season is in full force.

Despite the sheer power of the storm, all is right in the rainforest. There is a delicate balance between the strength of Mother Nature and the fragility of this tropic landscape. But this complex ecosystem relies on Her to quench the thirst of life.

Within the dense undergrowth, droplets of rain roll off the weathered shell of a turtle. The ancient turtle cracks open her crusty eyelids and peers around the swamp. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices the turquoise leaf falling from the sky. It's fluttering rather than falling. After a moment, the butterfly, disguised as a leaf, lands smoothly on her back.

She flew over the swamp looking for salts and minerals while hiding from the rain. Mud and clay areas that contain essential salts and minerals are called clay-licks; the salts provide a natural way for jungle animals to cleanse their digestive systems. The turtle makes her home in the clay-lick.

T: Who goes there? And why are you here? I've never seen you around my swampy waters before!

B: I'm just here searching for nourishment!

lately. I've never seen such a beautiful butterfly before, though. You're more brilliant than the blue color of a pleasant summer sky!

T: Very true! During the rainy season, your numbers should dwindle greatly, but your beauty is most noticeable then. In my long and tiring life, I've never seen your species fly so freely and so close to me.

B: As a caterpillar, I was born and raised not far from your beach. I fed on the leaves of the bushes that surround these waters. I can not really remember how I got here as a caterpillar, but as a butterfly, I searched for others like me - for my sisters. I traveled to far-away forests, and finally found my own. But just when I had finally found real happiness, a violent storm destroyed our beautiful home. The winds were incredibly strong - like none I have ever seen before - and took all of my friends! I survived either by divine grace or by a sheer coincidence. Now I am all alone and have decided to return to my place of origin, hoping to find others like me.

T: Your quest is noble, but you have been blinded by your own perseverance. You look for others who are like you, but you have forgotten that we are one. Even though we are different, we live in the same ecosystem. We all need each other to survive and be happy. You look for happiness, but you forget that happiness is hard to define - it comes in many shapes and forms. The essence of happiness is friendship. A special link exists between all the species of the forest, uniting us all. Always remember this link, this sacred bond, which draws us all together! Only then will you find true happiness.

In that very moment, the turtle and the butterfly heard the squelching of boots in the mud, signifying the arrival of foreigners. ! Listen ... someone's coming. Hide quickly!

T: Do not worry new friend; nothing bad will happen They are just tourists hoping to take a picture of us. Come and pose with me!

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