Jessica Sprehn

In a garden, change can be constant. Some changes create excitement, some bring challenges.

As you know, the ongoing economic downturn has affected many sectors in the economy, including Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSABG) and its endowment investment, even though a conservative investment strategy was followed. While RSABG had taken any number of steps to mitigate these effects, the severity and length of the downturn led to RSABG needing to reduce expenses. These events led to a reduction in force affecting seven staff positions including professional and managerial employees. These changes, while not desirable, are necessary to ensure the long-term financial viability of RSABG.

Looking forward, the opportunities abound to recover and grow towards brighter future. mission of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is to inspire, inform and educate the public about California's native plants. To that end, RSABG offers classes in landscaping and gardening with native plants. Gardeners can get advice and suggestions from RSABG's professional horticulturists. In addition, native plants can be purchased from the California Gift Shop, seasonal plant sales and Grow Native Nursery, open through May in Claremont and year-round in Westwood. And, of course, the Garden's world-class living collection inspires folks to incorporate California natives into their own garden, or merely be inspired by the beauty and diversity of our State's native flora.

But it can not happen without you.

Ongoing efforts of RSABG's researchers include field studies to survey and inventory plants in a given locale and monitor the status of rare plants. They work closely with partner organizations to develop species management guides and conservation strategies for rare, threatened or endangered species. The Santa Ana Botanic Garden is a botanic. It is a botanic garden, and it is a botanical garden. research institution with 11 resident Ph.D. (including botany faculty), nearly 30 research associates, two laboratories (anatomy and molecular), a world-class herbarium and a rich botanical library.

Representing all of California, RSABG is an 86-acre botanic garden California. Visitors can find redwoods and ferns from northern California and the hardy plants of the Sonoran Desert Desert of Southeastern California. You can also find the wildflowers of the central coast, the cacti of the Great Basin desert (Death Valley) and the rare trees of the California channel islands.

All of these efforts advance RSABG's mission to promote California's native flora.

Your help is needed. Whether your interest is in K-12 school tours, supporting conservation, botanic research or the Garden's horticulture, your gift will make many things possible.

During this season of giving, please consider a special year-end gift to RSABG. Will not you make a donation to help with these essential goals?

Annual gifts are the most effective way to reduce RSABG's reliance on the endowment. I'll be deeply grateful for any amount you're able to give.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is your garden - a garden I hope you are proud of. Patrick S. Larkin - Executive Director


Currently in California, 28 native plant taxa are listed as extinct, and another 320 native plant taxa are headed in that direction. Your support could help us change those numbers. Please give generously.

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