Journal of Lemeza Kosugi

Journal of Lemeza Kosugi

Journal of Lemeza Kosugi

The fifth mantra is under the goddess. At the feet of the goddess.

looking at the collapsed tower.

I immediately locate the tombstone with the sacred word in one of the first rooms of Tower of the Goddess entering from the surface. After looking at the maps, I find the seal hidden in the room of the great scale.

On returning to the hall of indications I find, with surprise, a new headstone with the new sacred word. So, since I am in the Temple of the Sun, I take the Guardian's reference to the compass and go to the Temple of the Moon. It squares exactly with the room where I had to make my first escape because of an immortal - or small - enemy. There I sing the sixth mantra.

"The seventh mantra is next to the spikes. At the top of the five mysterious platforms.

This takes me a while, but I finally find it in the Graveyard of the Giants in a room near the door that gave to the Tower of the Goddess . In a room with 5 floating platforms - some of them frozen - that had me entertained a good time at the time. "ABUTO" is the mantra that I must sing, and it does not take me long to realize that the relative position does not go with Sakit, but with the aforementioned giant. Fortunately I find his body in one of the upper rooms, next to the stairs that gives the Gate of Illusion . The last mantra is the sign of courage. "

When the last seal appears on the wall, I notice a reddish glow in the Key Sword . Sign that now is very powerful death, makes more pupita and will have much to say in the final showdown. If everything went well - or worse as you look - now the Shrine of the Mother should have a new look.

Maybe now it's a site more chic, more lounge ... surely not.

I should retire to rest before facing the final and definitive foray into the center of the ruins, but I decide to go over the maps a bit look for some artifact that could be useful to me. So I find in the Graveyard of Giants a kind of platform that gives way to my weight to show then two digits in a little screen ...

But it's my weight! What does a scale here? Oops, and it looks like it's broken ... well, anyway it's all going to collapse, right? And I was not even the ones who spoke ...

Giving a peek through the Temple of Moonlight , I locate a secret room that I had been through high. With some dynamite, I can solve a small puzzle that gives me access to a little shop where the grocer sells me Scriptures (Scriptures). It assures the uncle that his own possession will make the vampires do not recognize me as an enemy.

And no need to stink garlic! So I will still have a chance with Mulbruk ... Later, at the top of the Tower of the Goddess and very close to the Holy Gravestone, I discover an interesting treasure with the help of a fairy with a lot of skill for hiding places. The object in question is a very elaborate Spaulder (Brazal), but as soon as I prove it, I realize that it imbues the wielding of weapons with superior power.

Taking advantage of where I am, I decide to attack the riddle of the balance. I read the stone that is there and two pedestals appear. I take my notes and cross the data I've been collecting here and there. In the end, I have the weights of each gemstone. I try to divide them mentally in two groups that weigh the same but again and again failure, it does not fit me. It takes me a while to realize that what is missing to balance the powers is ... my own weight! With the clear accounts, I select the saucer to which each gem will go and finally I jump also to complete the riddle. The fabulous prize turns out to be a Flail Whip , that is, THE DEFINITIVE LATTICE I always wanted to have.

And think that I was about to buy me one ... they are worth a pasture! Finally, walking with another fairy by the Chamber of Extinction , very close also to the Holy Gravestone , my little friend has gone to search a nearby wall and has discovered for me a secret passage. I enter and I find myself with a strange place, unreal, almost like a dream. What's more, I have the strange feeling of having been here before. But it can not be, it's impossible, I was never at La-Mulana ever. What is happening? Déjà vu is very strong. I internally explore the area and have a curious conversation with a Queen Fairy in a very well-hidden abode. When I get out of there, I'm almost stunned by the feelings I've had. I think it may have been a dream but ... it's impossible. The door is still there, I can see it, and next to my computer, I have well stored the software I found inside ...

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