Lazo - Meaning of lazo dictionary

Philosophers who see their soul truly united and stuck to their bodies and forced to regard objects as through a dark prison and not by themselves, understand well that the strength of this temporal bond consists of the passions ...

And from this beautiful and vivid sun, soul of the world, not to return to light, but there when clothed in victory laureate bear the sweet homeland its radiant forehead, its familiar turn to the west, and the cult of the plow and the arts, more precious than gold, make it flourish in eternal luster, candor, wealth and national decorum, and laws of virtue and love dictating, in federal bond the people all adune the soul peace, and love all ...

Insensitive to the sirens of sirens who drown in their storm glass and the water of a drop of the ocean seems to them wrecks of recipe; silent and taciturn the tie, bound to the songs that lacerate, I will tame the vortexes of the wilderness and conquering in my intimate combats, I will forge my strength, white length of my hardness ... 29 The phone rings and I do not answer. In obedience to the authority of the monarch was the most effective permanent bond of union of the republics, and when he left the Throne, wrapped by the maneuvers and struggles of Napoleon's usurpatory attempt, this bond is found for all by the same convergence of feelings as spontaneous as natural in the common defense of the continent, an interest of all interpreted in different ways, but with the same conservative intention.

At the top of the cross, laurel will be linked in a small faxa where it will appear the motto: Winner in Chacabuco for those who will be in this glorious action and Freedom for those who give later, to individuals that did not concur to her. All will crown a small loop with a ring to catch the ribbon.

Diego) to give each other mutual help, explaining to them how useful a sweet bond of friendship with each other should be closely united, for before each of them lived in their barrack with their children, with no relation to each other but very sparingly : with the lessons of Christian charity that he imparted to them, I broadened the reduced circle of the society of the family; and making them understand the advantages of civil society, he formed towns, built churches and huts, all of humble straw: he indicated to the Indians how to dress to cover up the honesty: "

Far from you no longer there is consolation, all sorrow will be and continual mourning - they have never pretended my loves Another crown that the honest bond And never in them can take a step Without stumbling in pain and pain Today more than ever pure and innocent My ardent fire Makes more pure My faithful tenderness;

This beautiful city, a spring of polite, discreet and affable people, warned and ingenious, is my fortunate country; but the always bitter cruelty of my fortune, breaking the bond to my happiness, snatched me from the lap of my beloved cradle. A part crowded over the head and the throbbing corpse of the boy slain by the lasso and the other part of riders who did not see the catastrophe slipped in different directions after the bull, shouting and shouting, "There goes the bull!

But once again I extended a new bond to him, and after dinner I continued our conversation late into the night, and when he wanted to leave I forced him to stay, pretending it was too late. The hearts of all with such a sympathetic bond were a victim in my aras, who, having at first been that voluntary cult, came afterwards the custom, favored by so many, to make the celebration of the court obligatory, p>

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