Light Serena | Matias Perez

Track Name: Disdain Today I woke up
And I found myself in the clarity
Song times paint the sun
And they are tinting their color

Thinning me in the immensity
With the sounds of pleasure
Breathing slow without thinking
With the morning at your mercy

My verses will follow your timeless flow
Sighing let me carry
Towards the backwater of light

At night I find my portal
Where I feel to know
Souls rest in thinking
And my ears growing

Drawing the air in your place
With harmonies of disdain
Singing in the valley of wanting
I keep giving way every time

Driving my desires to the real
I do not want to get anywhere
Just being

Your green song
on the spring
will be right
Revival, as unintentionally
time will be an illusion

Track Name: Chacarera del threshold Solitaire on the threshold
From the full moon
I feel my being run away
Towards innocence

Q I'd like to hide
And see your conscience
Only for loss is this If you carry sorrows

I raise my voice when singing
A new copla
That grew from being alone > Nude in your land

Chacarera of the threshold
From the sea and the stars
I just want to sing it a thousand times And reflect on it

Gray stones that crush me
Wear out the strength
Of the streets that I could walk
Without passing over them

Loves that cradle
In the new soul
They often go out singing in the wind
At the time of waiting

Memory and the trail
That leaves its mark
Only one song can write
When blood of feathers

Track Name: Dawn I'm looking for light,
a sunrise between so much shade
tree I'd like to be you
to wake up under the sun

What would it be
From your voice and destiny
What was to be
From your human path

You matured the flower of your charm
Just in the spring
And the days became perfect
With the scent of the river

What was to be
From your voice and destiny
What was to be
From your human path Track Name: Pedregal Light of the spring by the wind goes
seeks to know from the inside and more Track Name: Go back ever Drawn on the frame
Like a beam of light
I brought all my variables
Without a mask

I lost all the answers
Without looking back
And I find myself in this hour
I'm thinking

> (to return never)
To return never ...
(to return never)

Maduring in silence
I began to plant
I put all my decks
Without looking at the hour < / p>

To return ever
(to return) never to return ...
(to return never)

Time is in your hands,
Date light, your thirst is for life, life is the inst before.
Calm, your mind is not your being,
Date light, date peace, date love, date space ...

Track Name: Sunset a drawer of yesterday as flower opened | want to be filled with memories to blossom

when walking sad skin
alone in calm fell asleep and in the light of the coal and filled with ink its color

a walk will dry
the tears of dusk
on the space of a memory this
ripening me want

the grove of loneliness
on the river will sleep
I am a friend of the silence and of its warm light when awakening

born of my voice the willow
that crying cleared the way you sing and find time in its place

Track Name: Blue day From the south to here
a scent approached your color

Your warmth woke me up while I was not there, asleep

one day blue,
your voice will say

My song speaks for you and you will see me beautify your melody

Over my love
suffered a carelessness
poor of sorrow
rich in oblivion

painting the life of blue with my guitar
I follow the star > my way
there is what I would like

my destiny today

to my will
this life, sometimes it suffers and sometimes it whistles

The pains go away with my chords
how is it that the sky
shines at night? Track Name: Continue go if you want, do not lose your calm anymore to see more there is only one step you have to give
you do not see how simple it is to wait in a second
when everything at once always goes upside down

and if you know me do not lower your gaze
to be there is talk, to act listen

And suddenly you find yourself with a dream without age
the clearest truth, to say reality and to follow, and to follow, I am here ... < / p>

It takes a pain, but from time to time it will serve sometime, and find you again
you better go back to your house and your place
where is the Nietzsche: "I'm not sure what I'm going to do."

on the threshold of the siesta
go your caudal andalúz

While falling down your lance
on the cross
stones of the south river

Track Name: Serene light breathing in long loneliness of disdain I could find my being only two questions there is in me I am my god ?, I am my gray space?

You will feel your color, as long as you are

With a smile enough to love ...

Today looking I found myself with more than a drop diluting in the sea
just be in this light
it's the music that speaks for me

just creating me, beyond thinking

I do not belong to the rare < br> here you have to be clear with just one .

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