Lost in North America

Lost in North America

Lost in North America

To conclude the series, some last photos of Robin's pigeons the day they left the nest (Monday, June 4).

This photo was taken days before they left. It can be seen that the nest was already small when the photo was taken.

Parents always stay close by taking them to eat.

In this pair of photos ) drinking water in one of the stations I have in the yard.

They are always alert to keep predators away from the nest. When I took this picture they made a lot of noise and they constantly switched from one branch to another to ward off a dangerous predator.

That "function" was to keep the cat in the picture entertained. They achieved their goal because at no time did he realize that there was a nest in the vicinity.

As it was his first day outside the nest he exercises (stretching his wings) before making his first flight. >

The nest that I had previously shown (in the yard of the house), I show again to see in the bottom photo the appearance of a Robin's egg (blue tone). The shell fell once the pichon came out.

Lost in North America
Lost in North America

So they look just born. The one in the photo I found on the street in one of my daily walks with the dog. I do not know how I got to that place, I'm sure he fell on some predator that took him out of his nest. Although he still had life was not worth rescuing him because he sure had a short time to live (if he put himself back in the nest and then died he would make the others sick). Unfortunately it is the law of nature that not all beings are born have the opportunity to complete the cycle of life.

Other animals portrayed in the yard.

Bunny (almost 2 months in the photo) is part of a family that also was born in the limits of the patio.

Here we see him approaching the door while he portrayed him (through the window) p>

In these two photos we already see it bigger (photo of yesterday June 16).

Whenever I go out to the patio I do it with the camera, so while I rest, like, read the press, etc., I also have the opportunity to portray some of the animal life around me.

Some are difficult to portray, such as the chipmunk, but I hope to portray it at some point. I will try to show something different in my next subject, until the sight!

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