Lost Mansion RPG

[Some say that the end does not come with a BANG .

In this case, you would be right. Because the end comes with several BANGS , an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, and two dozen colossal titans devastating the earth.

It begins at the first rays of the sun, rumor underground that will not be difficult to associate with the earthquake happened a few weeks ago. Although this sound seems to come from the depths of the earth, the very center of the dimension, as a force that remorses the foundations of rock and magic that sustain this world.

Grows, grows, grows and grows ... and then explodes, with the power of a thousand bombs, and the ground seems to boil. Huge cracks open with a piercing sound, the rocks crumble and others rise, the buildings shiver and fall like towers of letters on an unstable table. It is an inexorable, implacable force, of which there is no possible escape on earth.

And then, another explosion follows. The roar of the earth finds a way out through the mouth of the volcano, which so joyfully let out its smoke these days. In an impressive flash of pyrotechnics and with a deafening outburst, the summit bursts, and its incandescent content flies through the air like shooting stars, flies through the earth, and advances slowly but surely, accompanied by an orchestra of smoke, lightning and taciturn ash covering everything from an unreal mantle, giving the sky a dark and threatening aspect, as the prospects for this day.

... Although, is the sound of the wind? Or is it something else, some other indomitable power to accompany the catastrophe to which the forces of nature seem to be determined to submit to this earth today?

At first it will not be easy to see them, by the mist smoke, dust and ash covering the horizon. First, a vague shadow in the distance, which could be mistaken for a mountain. Oh, but the mountains do not move, and that that goes on making the earth rumble again is definitely approaching.

The answer: titans. Huge giants of rock, metal, the most primordial materials, walking, crawling and planning towards what nature has not yet destroyed. They seem to be spitting on the earth, erupting from the cracks, from the crater of the volcano, or the depths of the sea.

And what do they do? It seems that they have only come to take a look at what is left of this world, advancing in a single stride over burning forests, overflowing beds, collapsed houses, swirling deserts and terrified spectators. Because yes, it can only be observed; as if their enormous size were not enough, the colossi seem to be immune to any kind of magic, any kind of force, any kind of witty contraption. And they seem determined to smash and crush anything that has survived until now, everything that was familiar, wanted or safe.

There is nowhere to hide, no place to go, only resist and try to survive. Because we can confirm that all these apocalyptic signs seem to indicate is true: this is the Final.

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