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On the corkboards you can sometimes see strange, waterlogged advertisements of the pull-tab variety, advertising cheap fiddle lessons for beginners as well as free advanced courses and tuning. If you pull off the tab and stain it with the blood of a black-haired mammal (a human will suffice), and bring it to the murky pond covered in waterlilies along with food, snuff, and strong alcohol on a Thursday, ll meet him. Old Man Lily, the grumpy, skinny, greenskinned man with dirty hair, webbed feet, green skin, visible ribs and equally visible gills. He only teaches on Thursdays, on all other evenings he sits under the murky pond and plays his fiddle for himself. You need to be alone for the lessons, otherwise they will not appear. Many claim the title, but in truth he is the best musician on campus, though he teaches only bowed string instruments for the beginner courses. He is a brilliant teacher, although he is constantly trying to persuade you to enter the advanced courses, telling you about how he will be able to teach you any instrument, about how you will be able to make trees dance and rivers stop in their paths with your music, and how you will get to meet his pet pike Bessie. Do not enter the advanced courses, they will take place below the bottomless pond and are scam, you will be taken. The beginner courses are more than enough to master any bowed string instrument. The free instrument tunings, however, are legit. Do not fish in the murky pond, and do not pick the water lilies. Do not enter the pond if you have ever touched any kind of instrument, as you may be enrolled in Lily's advanced courses. Do not enter the pond in general, at least without sticking an iron knife into the ground before jumping in.

The murky pond is crossed by the bridge, known as the Bridge of Fools as it is one of the few bridges on campus that does not cross running water. Speaking about fools, people who use love locks on Elsewhere campus. They are acts of symbolism, and symbols have power. Once you've locked the bridge and thrown the key into the murky water below, it becomes harder to leave your significant other if they get dragged underhill, turn out to have it back in bark or eyes like goat, or if they just are abusive in general. Greater fools are people who use locks of lesser metals such as zinc or brass and not of Iron. And only the greatest fools lock their love to the Bridge of Fools, where water does not run. Old Man Lily, however, is willing to give you keys to padlocks on the Bridge of Fools if you tune an instrument for him. Lily shows very little interest in favor and inter-Gentry politics, but this may not always have been the case, and the old man still holds old grudges and debts. Sometimes I will give you a beautiful instrument you can swear is an old Stradivarius. Sometimes it gives you something that at first glance resembles an old piece of driftwood, covered in seaweed and algae. Mostly, though, he will still give you some kind of key that in most cases will fit into a padlock on the Bridge of Fools. If you tuned the instrument badly, the key will turn into rust or m when you enter it into the lock, cursing it. Those blessed with the Sight might see the curse before it happens, but do not count on it. There are so many people diving into the murky pond intentionally to retrieve a key. They are all taken, and few come back, most of them keyless or with cursed keys. Most of the ones who dive down there are however lost, said to be tuning fiddles until the trumpets of the Last Judgment sound.

(Author's notes: I decided to write some stuff based on Scandinavian mythology since I'm Finnish and Elsewhere University needs more Scandinavian mythology.) This is based on the myths about Näcken and Bäckahästen. write the last part on the death of Lily since he is such a cool character and I did not want to kill him off, but I wrote it anyway and you can ignore it or regard it as the prophecy of a future event if you want)

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