The beautiful colors of autumn leave us little by little and the trees undress covering the streets with dry leaves.

Now that the cold of the future winter is noticed and we remove the clothes of shelter, we can not help but miss the colors and warmth of spring.

Spring is an explosion of vivid and intense colors that captivate you.

Flores National Park Valley

West of the Himalayas you will find immense green meadows dotted with alpine flowers. In addition this mountain area is also home to many rare animals, such as the Asian black bear, snow leopard, and blue sheep.

2. Five Flower Lake, China.

This lake is just one of the 118 lakes in the Jiuzhaigou Natural Park. A particular place that has an especially radiant color palette and a varied plant life.

3. Hitsujiyama Park, Japan.

Pink moss lines gently embrace the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, creating a surreal contrast with the surrounding trees. >

4. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

With over 1,500 species of fish and 600 types of coral, the world's largest reef is considered a place of worship for natives Australians as well as travelers looking for an unforgettable experience


5. Yuanyang County, China

The colorful balconies of the giant rice fields feed thousands of people in China and create a simply breathtaking landscape. p>

6. Lavender fields, France

The fields of lavender make up a singular place, the endless lines of cultivation give off an intoxicating aroma that will catch you for hours. > 7. Lake Hillier, Australia.

8. Braunwald, Switzerland

Precision fields of dandelions run through the prairies adjacent to the imposing Swiss Alps.

9. China has one of the most colorful wetlands in the world, its highly alkaline soil only allows the growth of a reddish plant called Suadea that gives it this characteristic garnet color.

The third largest thermal spring in the world and certainly the most colorful one can be visited in Yellowstone National Park.

The hot springs of the famous Pamukkale terraces are a major tourist attraction in Turkey.

The glacial waters that feed Moraine Lake, and have been an oasis of calm for natives and travelers for thousands of years.

Kawachi Gardens Fuji, Japan

Gardens have more than 20 species of hanging flowers or wisteria. It is necessary to take a walk under the tunnel to live an unforgettable experience.

Río Caño Cristales, Colombia

The known as "The River of Five colors, "is a real sight, but due to its high levels of sediment is not a sustainable home for aquatic life.

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