My Virtual Home

My Virtual Home

My Virtual Home

A large garden requires great dedication. Little by little, stone by stone and grain to grain of sand the vision I had of a particular oasis is coming true, not without a fee of effort. But it is beautiful how with our own hands can create a space full of life.

In the final stage of the construction of the small wall separating the cement from the green area of ​​the garden. It represents the wave form of the sea, trying to reduce the straight lines of the previous design to the minimum possible. There is plenty of soil to remove and distribute. To one place the black earth goes, another clay, which will be used later to join the stones, and for the natural foundation of the mini-wall all the small stones and debris are destined. They are several days of work, but with no more time commitment than dictated by my desire to do so, enjoying the sun, bird song, every new discovery, and seeing the progress of a work that is for me. / p>

The foundations of the southeastern end of the mini-wall. This ancient straight line will be transformed into a beautiful smooth curve, lined with hydrangeas.

Redistributing the soil from which a young peach tree was fed a few minutes earlier, is now making new roots in the central area between a young cherry tree and a peach tree, something younger than him. Here is a new path, in a closed and ascending curve, giving shape to the southern part of the contour.

Healthy life = healthy mind = healthy body. A formula that never fails. You do not have to go to the gym to tone up your sagging muscles a little and make the curve of the abdomen look more like a straight line, the reverse of what I do with the garden lines.

Moving a species of hydrangea that he did not know, for a location where they magnificently highlight their white flowers against a dark green background of conifers.

The less frequented corner, behind the garage, where almost no one will ever pass, from now on it will be the secret retreat of this white queen.

It was even more fun for him when we started mixing different colors. “What will happen when we mix blue and red mixed together?”
It was even more fun for him when we started mixing different colors. “What will happen when we mix blue and red mixed together?”

View from the center to the southwest. In the background the house, and much beyond, about 15,000 km. there are the others: the one that saw me born and grow, that of the best summers of my life, those of my relatives and those of my friends. Will they stay? I'll watch them live again? I hope so.

View from the garage. On the left the table of my happiest meals in this hemisphere, and to the right the largest of my Butiá capitats - living monument to my past.

The Northeast horizon. A couple of km in that direction is the center of the city, but much earlier, a couple of hundred meters there is a lake preceded by fields and forests preserved in the wild.

View from the center of the southwest sector of the garden, which is the entrance from the house. A part that is not yet finished. I hope that very soon these stones that are seen happen to form the final wall and in its place there is a small pond.

View of the epicenter of the garden. The bird-houses, try to remember the ranchos of a beach that is very significant for me.

Clark at the ranch-restaurant, surrounded by a net against magpies and squirrels.

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