Performances in 2011 - Sydney's specialist Spanish and Latin American chamber choir

Performances in 2011 - Sydney's specialist Spanish and Latin American chamber choir

Performances in 2011 - Sydney's specialist Spanish and Latin American chamber choir

Performances / Performance

December: Peña

Thursday December 15 @ 7 pm

A Peña is a meeting of musicians; in Chile, especially, it means a popular venue where folk music is played and food and drink are freely available, and it was this sense we tried to recreate with our end-of-year gathering.

We were treated to an impromptu performance by The Cleftomaniacs , and then the program proper opened with a bracket of moving songs of humanity and loss written by Violeta Parra, Hernan Flores and others, performed by Hernan Flores, Janis Carter and Ricky Vargas. Our own offerings included Fum! Fum! Fum! , the Catalan carol by Ernest Cervera; Javier Busto's This Land from the Basque country (yes, it's a firm favorite of ours, and once you hear it you'll know why); the wistful Memento by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco; Cucu, cucu! , the 16th C cautionary tale about cuckolding by Juan del Enzina; Dadme albriçias , the joyous celebration of the Nativity from the Middle Ages; Adida Kerida , an outspoken settling of emotional scores in the Ladino language from Sephardic Spain; and our very first test-flight with Bullerengue , a dance to celebrate young women's coming of age from Panama and Colombia

November: Cantata Santa María de Iquíque < p> Saturday November 24 @ 7:30 p.m.

We are proud to present our preformance from the Viva La Gong! Festival in Sydney at Casa Latinoamericana > in the Addison Road Community Center, Marrickville. The positive reception was exhilarating, and the cafe-style environment, with an enthusiastic and animated audience, was the perfect setting for the Cantata.

For some details on the Cantata Santa María de Iquíque, the story tells and the history of the Cantata itself, please see the listing of our first performance of it in 2010 . < / p> Saturday November 5 @ 8 pm

We have seen our previous production of Luis Advis > 'much-loved Cantata for the 2011 Festival in Wollongong. (For notes on the story of the Cantata, please refer to our 2010 Performances page.) Again, our performance was full of choral arrangement written by Hernan Flores and Margot McLaughlin. The guitarist Janis Carter (vocals), Imogen Granwal (cello), Ricky Vargas (guitar) and Gaye Thomas and Greg Gibson (flutes) were instrumentalists in the same line-up as the previous year. ). This year, though, the narration was in Spanish by Alex Palacio, and it was shown in English via projected surtitles.

The production was opened by a bracket of songs by Trio Matiz, and a bracket by Southern Chorus that included Huastavino's In the furrows of love and Felt the pigeon , then Oath / em>, and finally Bullerengue .

September: Moorambilla Festival (Coonamble)

Saturday September 24 @ 1:30 pm >

Southern Choir visited the Moorambilla Festival , where Margot McLaughlin was giving workshops in Spanish and Latin American song. We were also able to perform the part of the lunchtime concert on the Saturday.

The Festival is a wonderful annual event, and we all had a great experience of being included. The response to our performance was overwhelmingly positive, which was a great experience in itself, and definitely worth the hike from Sydney to Coonamble!

Blackheath Choir Festival . Our second gig at the Blackheath Choir Festival. Jacobean Singers

, the Illawarra Union Singers , the Jacobean Singers and Rachel's Choirs.

Our program saw a few numbers that would stay with us for the rest of the year, and it was a broader selection that would provide our repertoire for our performance at Moorambilla in the next month. It began with Pablo Fernández Badillo's Alabanza , Puerto Rican hymn to the sacred power of nature; De Prison , an anonymous 15th Century hymn in veneration of Mary, written in a mix of Latin and early Spanish but, confusingly, with mostly Portuguese spelling; Miguel Matamoros' Oath , a bitter promise to a failed love; Juan del Enzina's Triste España sin ventura , a funerary lament for the untimely death of Prince John of Aragon and Castille, followed by Ay Triste Que Vengo! , by Enzina's comic tale of a shepherd whose every attempt to woo the village maiden goes lamentably wrong; Carlos Guastavino's two love laments In the furrows of love and The pigeon was wrong, and we finished with Bobby Capó's much-loved Puerto Rican bolero Piel Cinnamon

holds its E Day annually - it's a festival of the Spanish language and all cultures associated with it - and, for our first public performance of 2011, we were very happy to be part of Instituto's E Day 2011 events.

Our closing selection was songs from the Americas. It included Pablo Fernández Badillo's hymn to nature, Praise ; Bobby Capó's much-loved Puerto Rican bolero Piel Cinnamon , and Adijo Kerida - in fact, a passionate Ladino song of bitter farewell from Sephardic Spain, but brought to modern awareness and arranged by Joshua Jacobson, director of the Zamir Chorale in Boston, USA.

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