Pests and 'peckers

Pests and 'peckers

Pests and 'peckers

Professional quality ... hmm, well, when I last posted my "batting average" it was at around 1%. Turns out I actually have about 4,000 photos starting back in February of this year. There are 27 photos I have posted here, 25 minus the first hairy woodpecker pics. So, 27 is what percent of 4,000? HAHA I would say, it's not that I'm good, it's that every once in a while I get lucky. Plus the equipment helps a lot too. I can count on less than one whole hand the amount of material possessions that would truly devastate me if I were to lose them, that camera is one of them.

If anyone was curious, right now I'm using a 55-250mm Canon zoom lens. Which is the low end of magnification for telephoto. For birds, especially the much less tame ones out in the wild, I would definitely prefer 4-500mm telephoto lens, but were talking about lots of dollars there ... Well, just in case anyone was looking for any last minute Christmas gift ideas ;)

Thank you though, to all of you for the compliments. To be honest, even if you told me that they stink, I would still post them, cuz I think the birds themselves are much cooler than any pictures I take. And no matter how good or bad, you'd get bored after looking at them for hours Steve, lol "oh, another woodpecker, or house finch ..."

As for the flying kinglet, that shot was PURE 100% ACCIDENT! It was perched when the camera focused on it and just started to take off as soon as I hit the button to millisecond later! I just got lucky? Even luckier was that it was bright enough for me to have a high enough shutter speed to catch the action. Usually when they take off right when I hit the button, all I get is the tip of their tail exiting the frame because lighting is poor because of where the feeders are located.

The bird songs on the phone do not always work, I have to admit. Although, I did get a magpie to "talk" to me, I would never fly in. I tried it with the nuthatch before I decided to go looking for it, but it never worked. Likewise, I guess you have to already be right up on the sparrows for it work since I might, I almost never get any of the cool little guys at the house. I think they like millet ... or milo, spread out on the ground, but that's also the stuff that attracts blackbirds, starlings and house sparrows so I'm hesitant to try that.

The only bid song I can do of myself is a mourning dove, but they rarely need enticing to come around.

The chickadees I have been noticing not particularly care for the morning "feeding frenzy."

And I "made it through" all those pictures as well Skybird! But that makes it sound like I did not enjoy it! I loved it! And you said, great memories of getting to see some really cool birds that we just plain do not have around here! I'm super jealous you've gotten to see, AND photograph these guys! And I'm really glad you shared them, too! I really, really, REALLY like your Steller's jays! Like I said, they are my favorite jays, but I almost never, ever see them. And I would agree that your picture is a scrub jay, though, I have not met any pinyon jays. I also love your idea of ​​bringing a feeder with you on trips! How neat is that! I keep trying to get nice junco pictures for you, since I remember you liked them so much, but they are far less numerous, and like to hang out in the back, under the elm tree, where I can not get to good picture of them!

In fact I did not get very good pictures today at all because my battery died and it was on the charger the rest of the day. But when I went out to close up the chicken coop this evening, I looked up and saw this guy!

After I took those pictures I thought I probably should not take pictures of him with the flash in case it hurts his eyes, so, these are probably the only owl pictures I will ever take.

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