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Take me out of the mud

To the director. To the rhythm of the melody "Los Lirios". Song of David.

69 My God, save me, the water comes to my neck!
I'm sinking in the mud and I have nowhere to hold on. > I'm in a sea of ​​deep waters,
and the current is dragging me down
I'm tired of calling you so, and my throat is dry from screaming, and my eyes are tired of looking so hard my God.
I have more enemies than hair on my head;
They hate me without reason.
They try to destroy me and tell lies of me;
They lie, they accuse me of having stolen, now I have to give back what I have not stolen.

My God, you know the follies I've committed, and I can not hide my sins.
Lord God, Almighty, do not allow that those who trust in you
feel ashamed for my cause.
God of Israel,
do not let those who seek you
feel defrauded because of me. offenses, and my face has been covered in disgrace.
My brothers treat me like au n strange,
my mother's children treat me like a stranger.

The emotion I feel about your house is consuming me,
I receive the offenses of those who insult you. > When I cry and fast,
they make fun of me.
I dress in mourning and make jokes at my expense.
They speak ill of me in public places; they dedicate songs.

You know my pain, my shame and dishonor,
you know who my enemies are.
The offenses have broken me,
I'm sick,
I've looked for anyone who pities me < But I do not know
Who can comfort me, but I did not find anyone.
They gave me poison instead of food, and vinegar when I was thirsty.

your table becomes a trap
and your moments of peace stumbling

you blind and lose and lose all your strength.
God, make them feel all your anger, that you fiery anger reach them

Destroy their homes

Make their homes empty,
no one remains in them,
because they chase those you have afflicted; tease the pain that you have wounded
Give them wickedness about their wickedness

do not let them benefit from your righteousness.
Wipe their names from the book of life; inscribed with the righteous.

I am sad and sore;
God, lift me up and go I will praise you with songs of thanks.

This will make the LORD happier than offer you a sacrifice of a bull or a

The humble people who have come to worship God
will feel happy for the joy of God.
The LORD listens to the needy people and does not forget those who they are bound.

Praise the Lord, the heavens, the earth and the sea,
and all the living beings in them.
For God will save Zion,
he will rebuild the cities of Judah, and there shall they dwell and possess it.
The descendants of their servants shall inherit it,
they that love the name of God shall dwell therein.

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