Sacred Geometry: The Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry: The Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry: The Flower of Life

The Seed of Life is a phase prior to the form known as the Flower of Life that produces the "Fruit of Life". The Fruit of Life is the plan of the Universe; contains each of the atoms, molecular structures, forms of life and eventually everything that exists. Therefore, all things that exist can be constructed from the form of the Seed of Life. The seed of life is the origin of everything. This Flower of Life and other patterns based on it and known as The Seed of Life, the Egg of Life and the Fruit of Life (in its first phase) have been found all over the world. world through time, and in cultures that seem to have never been in contact with each other, such as the ancient Egyptians, Celts, Medievals.

The motif of the "Flower of Life" is drawn several times with red ocher on stone walls in Egypt in the temple of Abydos; Melchizedek attributes to these drawings an antiquity of almost 6,000 years.

The Flower of Life is the name given to the geometric figure composed of 19 complete circles of the same diameter and 36 circular arcs forming a set of hexagonal shape, which in turn is included in a larger circle. The 19 small complete circles of the figure overlap creating symmetrical radial patterns similar to flowers. This motif and many similar have been used since ancient times and throughout the world as an ornamental pattern to decorate all kinds of surfaces.

The Flower of Life, is part of the so-called Sacred Geometry, or what it is the same, the belief that there is a relationship between geometry, mathematics and spirituality. The 5 Platonic Solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron) were born from the Flower of the Lifetime.

Sacred geometry is the basis for the integration of the cerebral hemispheres, in order to integrate the feminine part of our brain (right side) where consciousness and spirit live, with the male part (left side), since male part believes that it is he who directs things by believing the existence of a unique spirit, when performing the meditations with sacred geometry convince to the left side our male part that there is a unit of consciousness, and thus reach a multidimensional meditative state The Platonic Solids and Merkaba

The divine slope creates, expands and develops absolutely every manifestation of life in the universal infinity.

The flower of life is a form also related in some way to the symbol of Vedic Pisces and to the Borromean knot, the three circles representing the Holy Trinity among other things.

To understand its multiple meanings, it tells the meaning of the three main geometric forms:

The Circle, symbolizes the mind

The Triangle, the three forces. (Father, Son and Holy Spirit // Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva // Wisdom, Power and Justice // Positive, Negative and Neutral)

The Square, righteousness. Every cell contains such information of perfect health, therefore in each Being dwells the universal memory of harmony and fullness, capable of transmuting every process of sickness, aging and vibrational imbalance with our own intention.

The flower of life contains all the information about us, about who we are, about our origin, about what we truly are.

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