Sergi Puyol

Sergi Puyol

Sergi Puyol

A very special show this Sumday.


Yooo it's Sergi's and my B-Day party today and we're playing a show at 2.30pm, come by!

Merry Christmas everyone !! here is a Connie Francis cover we made, warm and cozy ^ _ ^

I also just realized I never shared this, it's a 7 "Compilation with 7 Barcelona bands, and it just starts with the first song I wrote with my first band, it is also the first time my music has been on vinyl, it's a very simple song but considering that two years ago I couldn ' t even play two chords together and the idea of ​​being able to create music or be part of the band was unreal as a childhood dream, having this in my hands is the closest I've ever been to one of my sweetest phantasies = )

Hello! we recently recorded the first demos with my band Son Bou, you can check them out on our bancamp page, and we also have a brand new FB page where we are going to share some exciting news in the near future =)

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