Social Networking: A Challenge for Everyone & mdash;

Social Networking: A Challenge for Everyone & mdash;

Social Networking: A Challenge for Everyone & mdash;

According to a Pew Hispanic Center study, see our post on it, Latinos are using more and more social networks. With new social networks releasing almost every day, how can you keep informed of what your kids are doing in them?

We already know that a social network can be very popular today and tomorrow they all go she, but for now, I explain the most used social networks today.

• Facebook -is very popular, you can create a profile, tell your friends your current status , hang up photos, chat with people, etc.

• Twitter -is like Facebook but relies heavily on writing short messages, called "tweets", which can not exceed more than 140 characters. You can follow other people and have followers too.

• Snapchat - is a fairly new application that lets you take a photo, send it to whomever you like, and that person you can view it for up to 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the photo goes away.

• YouTube - is a social network where people can post videos of themselves and look at others. There are videos of how to cook various dishes, music videos of famous people, etc. Instagram - it only has to do with the photos. It serves as a camera and has several effects. (In fact Facebook just bought Instagram and the two are well integrated.)

Now you have a better idea of ​​the social networks that maybe your children are using. Next week I'll tell you a few tricks to protect your family from the inappropriate things that are on social networks.

What social networks are your children using? Is there one we have forgotten?

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