The blog of Fatima

The blog of Fatima

The blog of Fatima

Here I am, at last, after months of absence. I know I made myself wait, I know, but what else can I do? Surely the cold and serious Winter, nor the wet and nostalgic Fall and nor the joyful and hot Summer would have liked to take away the leading role of the year.

Also, I never liked being selfish with anything or with nobody. I also suffered waiting, because I wanted to see you, to see the light and the world again, to live again.

But time is my friend, and I do not like to waste it ... I have been preparing everything, so that I can give myself completely. I prepared all the colors, all the smells and everything you can imagine of a season as joyful as I.

And today, March 21, my favorite day, my most awaited day ... Mr. of white he left leaving a trail of rain flakes, and holding out my hand of ice to give way to me at last.

And then I divided myself into millions of trillions of spring particles to power reach all corners of the world. I spread my presence to the very depths of your hearts, so that you may become aware that I was already here. And what happened to my surprise?

That in many places, you received me as the heavenly queen of flowers, as the most anticipated date of the year, with a great party, offering me all the happiness of your smile.

Nature, my best friend since the beginning of time, welcomed me with open arms. Every year I anxiously awaited my arrival, saying that without me, she would not survive.

I know that it will not be easy to dislodge a terrible squatter like the cold, because the big head always waits at the last moment to leave with a malicious smile. (Agg, I hate it!)

I have already started my work, the plants are grateful to me, as I am renewing their delicate leaves with a new green tone. Very carefully, I will also place the trees with a different color on the flying petals that decide to make their own life when winter arrives. I always like to reuse them, because they do not like anything that excludes them.

Likewise, I love to take advantage of the fact that the earth is very wet to witness the birth of new, lovely, tender shoots, do not miss plants in any place, and on the other so that the herbivorous animals can have food, even if I feel a little sorry.

Also, I am amused the moment of the encounter with the funny and pizpiretas florets, which they say they are my best friends, because they design new prints of strong pink, light violet, sky blue, pastel colors ... And I give them new and soft aromas that afterwards they spread throughout their surroundings.

p> My work will also go with the animals. I will put all my eagerness to return the soft temperatures that characterize me, which are the ones that like them, and all the peludillos that are in hibernation will be able to see the sun again.

I know that every time I notice my presence less, and it seems that I no longer exist, because of the cold of the Winter is practically passed in the heat of the Summer, which makes me very sad, because I barely have time to enjoy my work. But the cause is global warming, so I beg you, if you know how to value me well, that you use public transport means and blicicletas, that you do not throw the garbage around ... So you know.

With aroma and spring affection:

Work done by: Fátima López

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