The orchids of Ivan Arroyo. My orchids in Basque Country: September 2010


Location / Origin : The Phal. bellina can be found in Malaysia and in Sarawak (Borneo). According to what Mr. Sweet published in 1980, La Phalaenopsis bellina f. Murtoniana was originally collected near Changkat in the southern state of Perak (Malaysia). Mr. Griesbach (1998), however, said that Phalaenopsis bellina and its various forms were found in Borneo, while Phalaenopsis violacea grew in Malaysia. Such thinking led to confusion between these two orchids for many years. Recent work, however, shows that Phalaenopsis bellina and Phalaenopsis violacea are distinct and are found in both regions, of which, growing in Borneo, they do in lowland forests, while the plants found in Malaysia, grow below 200 mts. This orchid grows in shady places, in low light (between 800 and 1200 fc.) But with a strong aeration. With daytime temperatures around 32ºC and nocturnes around 23ºC, with an environmental humidity around 80%. The rains are abundant throughout the year, although some months, they decrease a little the intensity (there is no dry season)

For the cultivation of Phalaenopsis bellina at home, we will need a site where it receives not much light never, direct sun); a site that is airy (near a window or with a fan nearby); with a high temperature, if possible, that the night temperature does not fall below 23 ° C; with an ambient humidity around 80ºC (use some humidifier, or plates with water to increase it, if you have very low humidity); and irrigations have to be abundant throughout the year. The substrate should never be dried, but must be an aerated substrate and drain well. Never soggy.

My growing conditions (in my attic):

  • Light. I have it placed in the lower part of the attic, where it has less light than the other phalaenopsis and where it never receives direct rays of sun, neither in summer (blurred) nor in winter (direct).
  • Temperature. In summer, between minimums of 18 and maximums of 25ºC, with some peaks of 30ºC on the hottest days, but that are scarce in my land. The temperature in winter, between 15 and 20ºC. It is not ideal for this orchid, but it is what I can offer.
  • Humidity. I am lucky to live in the north of Spain, near the sea, so I usually have a high humidity throughout the year. In the attic I have an average of 60% of humidity on average, although sometimes it drops to 50% (when we have a south wind) and others it rises to 70%.
  • Ventilation: As long as time permits, I open the windows for good ventilation. The heat, plus a little ventilation, is equal to the production of fungi in orchids. That is why, whenever possible, I try to give them a good ventilation. On days of very cold (in winter) or heavy rains, I use a fan.
  • Riegos. In summer, watering once every two days (the hottest days, once a day) and in winter, once every 2 or 3 days. I always look a little, under what conditions the day is, whether it is very hot or not; if there is high or low humidity; if it's sunny or not ...
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