The Sims 4 - Info and More

The Sims 4 - Info and More

The Sims 4 - Info and More

How to download files?

In order to speed up the download of the parts (and avoid downloading them one by one) ul>

JDownloader 2 . It is recommended to download the parts of 1Fichier and Openload. You can download it from here MegaDownloader. It is ideal for uploads to MEGA because it allows you to skip the download limit MEGA has for free users (the classic error: "You have reached the download limit") MiPony.

On YouTube you can find videos on how to use each of the programs but they are quite simple: the program

Copy links from all parts (or the MEGA folder). Add links to the program's download queue. Choose the folder where you want the files to be downloaded. Download

Example (JDownloader 2)

Jdownloader 2. Open the Pastebin or GoldPaste link. Copy the folder link (MEGA) or download links (other servers). Go to the "Link Capture" tab of the Jdownloader and you will see the X parts. (Optional) Configure the folder where you want to download Click on "Add and start downloads". Go to the " Downloads "and wait for the download of all parts to complete (you have to show 100% in the" Progress "column).

How to unzip downloaded files?

To unzip using 7zip:

Download and install 7zip (download the latest beta). Right click on part 001 - & gt; 7zip - & gt; Extract here & gt;

  • Rare Errors

    Errors that you may have when decompressing to decompress caused by outdated 7zip. First of all, try a more recent 7zip. Try to download version 15.12 (beta), is the version that I currently use and does not give me problems to decompress. You'll find it on the 7zip page in the column that looks against the right edge of the screen.

  • :
    • The size of the parts is not correct - & gt; incomplete parts. Solution: re-download incomplete parts.
    • size is correct but on reaching that part the decompression stops and gives error -> corrupt party. Solution: re-download the / s corrupt parts.
Missing some part:
  • Check that the numbers of the parts are correlative and all parts are unloaded. Solution: Download the missing parts / s.

Case 2: Parts compressed with WinRar 5.0 unzip using WinRar:

Download and install WinRar 5.0 (or newer) . li> Right click on the part whose name ends in ".part01.rar" - & gt; Extract here - & gt; set the password.

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