To Grow Cauliflower: 13 Steps (with Photos) - wikiHow

Bleach the cauliflower's head to prevent it from getting dark. As the plant grows, a small "little head" will begin to form in the center of the leaves. For ordinary white cauliflower, if the head is exposed to light during growth, it will turn yellow and dark. Although still edible, it is less appetizing to look at and will have a less tender texture. Therefore, it is important to implement a procedure called "bleaching" to keep the head of cauliflower white and a pale color. When it reaches the size of an egg, fold its leaves so that it is not exposed to sunlight. If necessary, use a wire or alloys to hold the sheets in place.

  • Make sure it is dry when you start to whiten it. Catching moisture inside can cause the plant to rot. Do not bind the leaves too tightly to prevent air from flowing in.
  • Note that some varieties of cauliflower (such as purple, green or orange cauliflower) need not bleach. In addition, some varieties of white cauliflower bleach themselves because they have leaves that protect the head as it grows.

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