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The parkway has the same delightful style though the height is kept to 12 "or less. Silvery Santolina, pink Thrift (Armeria maritiama 'Splendens') and yellow Coreopsis meld with groundcovers like thyme and oregano and are a perfect foil to the resplendent front yard without being a safety hazard.

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low mixed planting for foreground

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On the side of the driveway in the front of the house, (S)

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lantas of hairy leaves Artemis, mullein, teucrium ... or santolina , in the foreground, all of summer flowering, meet the perfection of the mission of upholstering the massifs and bordering the roads.If you also plant near a shade tree, you will be able to soften the temperature of the garden in the central hours of the day. Among the trees and shrubs most tolerant to lack of water are the broom, tamarisk, piracanta or budleya, which stands out for its blooms in violet tones.


A good example of water-wise parkway - they kept the palm trees in this case

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Composition, texture and color variations

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Waterwise Mediterranean sidewalk / street buffer strip

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colors and height of parkway plants

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Another example of simple low growing plants rezangeles добавил (а)

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I like this white / green plant with the existing yellow flower shrub at the front

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Are on the st reet instead of grass

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(Light blue plant)

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Mix of color and low growers in strip

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Lavender and coreopsis or tick seed

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