15 Perfect Ribbons for Women

15 Perfect Ribbons for Women

15 Perfect Ribbons for Women

The ribs are one of the most sensitive places to tattoo, but it also has a very interesting meaning. Many relate it to the divine creation of the woman (Eve) having been inspired by the rib of a man. So, indeed, it does hurt to tattoo there, but it is also worth it for the side aesthetic, they also look extremely feminine and sexy. Here we leave you 15 of the most sensual and interesting options in rib tattoos.

1. Very sexy waves

2. These geometric figures with pink colors

3. The mystic jamsa

4. A very elaborate mandala in your ribs

5. A rather cool saturn planet

6. An art with flowers

7. A few cardinal points

8. A simple phrase will also look very sexy

9. A black bear that represents your strength

10. An eternal Hindu amulet with this elephant

The Hindu elephant represents the new beginnings in life and is considered one of the most significant amulets in India. List for changes; draw this wise elephant to take care of you and fill you with luck.

11. This beautiful fox in caricature

The totem of fox is universally known as the animal of power. It represents strength and adaptability to your environment.

12. A female monarch butterfly on your ribs

13. Another nice colorful elephant

14. Beautiful watercolors on a seahorse

The watercolors on the tattoos look beautiful and full of life, you will never get bored watching your tattoo with watercolor.

15. A dandelion in watercolor and a phrase

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