15 Reasons why tequila is really good for you

There's no doubt that when people love tequila, they really love it! Because when you choose this drink, there really are no boundaries or limitations.

It's like the potato chips campaign: you can not eat just one. Do you sound like a group of friends who can never decide what to order at the bar and talk about whiskey or vodka brands? Well the drink that will put an end to this discussion is ... (you're right) tequila!

So be prepared to discover its benefits, some of which you could not even imagine. h2> 1. Helps reduce blood sugar

How is it possible? Well, agavin, which is a sugar that comes from the agave plant used to make tequila, speeds up the production of insulin, and therefore lowers blood sugar.

2. Help weight loss

Yes, you've heard correctly: There are certain components in tequila that can help you lose weight. In tests conducted by the American Chemical Society, tequila helped overweight mice to lose a significant amount of grams.

3. It does not give you a hangover

You may disagree with this, especially if you've only heard the benefits of vodka, but I'm not talking about the diluted tequila that many take. I mean the one who is 100% agave.

Try to drink it, and check if the headache the next morning becomes a thing of the past.

4. You can drink it alone without wanting to vomit afterwards

Have you ever tried consecutive shots of vodka? Chances are you want to turn back. When it comes to tequila, you can be sure that it will slide smoothly down your throat.

5. Help fight cholesterol

In the 1930s, doctors in Mexico used this mixture of tequila to combat the common cold: 15 milliliters of white tequila; 15 of agave nectar and 15 of fresh lemon juice.

7. It helps numb the pain

Tequila has been shown to help dilate blood vessels, which improves blood flow while minimizing pain levels. (When it comes to emotional pain, you can bet that tequila is the ideal remedy.)

8. It can serve as a "drug delivery route"

What the heck does this mean? Basically: when taking medications, the acid in the stomach usually breaks them down before they can reach the intestines. Why is this a problem? Because it decreases the efficacy of the drug. Tequila serves as a protective barrier that opens the way into your digestive system.

9. Diabetics can enjoy it

The high amount of sugar that is present in alcoholic beverages represents a problem for diabetics. Tequila, however, has much less sugar, so it will have much less impact on your blood levels.

10. You will see yourself as a knower on your first date

How many times do women worry about what they are going to ask for on the first date? I know because I have had innumerable conversations with friends about whether or not it is appropriate to order anything besides wine. The answer? Order tequila and stand out from the crowd. You will leave a lasting impression. You can be sure that they will remember you as the girl who ordered tequila on the rocks on her first date.

11. It will not make you feel as 'bulky' as vodka and beer.

Raise your tequila glass and say: Salud!

One of the best parts of tequila shots is that you do not have to mix it with soda or add sugar. It does not even need to, because the taste of tequila is very good. (If you can not stand it alone, lemons always exist!)

13. Everyone respects a person who comes with a bottle of tequila

Because it's the only one that really gets the party started!

14. Benefits of the colon in a different way than you might think

Researchers at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico say that the blue agave found in tequila helps administer drugs to the colon that serve to treat diseases such as Crohn's disease, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer.

15. It decreases the temperature and helps you sleep

Everyone knows that tequila and relaxation go hand in hand. You do not have to drink an excessive amount ... one or two glasses are enough.

The next time you can not fall asleep, try a sip of Don Julio.

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