16 dandelion tattoos and their meaning | Tattoo Ideas

16 dandelion tattoos and their meaning | Tattoo Ideas

16 dandelion tattoos and their meaning | Tattoo Ideas

The dandelion is one of the most beautiful and magical flowers. Although it does not have brightly colored petals its grace and delicacy are something much appreciated and sought after. This type of tattoo is one of the favorite ones for the girls, its beauty and delicacy makes it perfect as an option to engrave it with ink.

The magic and delicacy of this flower is in its petals or small ears the which when the flower is at its peak, detaches with the slightest movement, even the wind. These small travelers are so light that even with the rock of the wind can be carried and travel many meters or even much more, everything depends on the wind. It is a beautiful sight to see this kind of detachment. The truth of this curious flower is that each of these small flying ears carries in its lower part a small seed and is naturally designed so that each one, as the flower is ripe, can travel and reach fertile ground and thus be able to be born. / p>

This flower is associated with innocence and purity. Everyone has always been curious and seeing it the first thing we do is blow so all your little travelers move in the wind and float with grace and delicacy. This flower is also the protagonist of many conceptual or vintage photographs.

As a curious fact is that this beautiful flower is also used as a natural medicine and has been found to aid in liver problems, inflammation or even problems of the skin.

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