a piece of me

You spend too much time looking for someone to love you,

instead of worrying about finding someone to love,

receive, where is

a feeling that invites you to dream, which gives you the desire to think,

that does not force you, that invites you to continue, / p>

You spend a lot of time idealizing dreams in unreal and virtual worlds

that the only thing they develop is the desire to follow but not feel,

lost in false customs for not go out and live, really live

and the worst of all is that you still do not know that in order to achieve dreams

you have to get up and learn; if it is to suffer, then to suffer, if it is to laugh, to really laugh.

I like to think that everything happens when it should happen, but many are dedicated to stop enjoying, they play to plan,

some others excuse themselves that someone they loved

made them think that love is limiting,

it was the moment

But it is something that even you yourself will not know,

Because what was once, was and will never change.

Maybe they have not understood which should begin

from the inside to channel that emotion that predominates in your imagination,

since it is that same emotion that gives fire


When you want to turn into reality all that at one time was just imagination,

and not only about personal achievements, but also emotional ones, since there are always so many people so intellectually bold,

but so few in whom you find someone emotionally capable.

And is that love is not sought af uera, it is rather something that lives inside,

love is not what you see in a street taken by the hand,

love is rather the support you receive of that hand

The company that brings the heat of that hand

knowing that you are never alone if you only remember

Do not try to get what is not for you,

loneliness knows how to love, understand it and you can find,


Then decide who you want into your life,

who you really want in your life without limits, without control.

There is no choice when there is a connection,

But use your reason, do not lose track of a passion,

the one that prefers not to flee,

you prefer to face the mirror and decide.

Do not stay where you do not know how to understand,

you are losing, you are growing, you are insisting.

It rarely happens that a soul gets drunk and the connection arrives,

an invisible chemistry that steals your thoughts without giving you another option.

Someone somewhere awaits your arrival while you throw questions at your pillow.

Enjoy without trying to understand, but do not confuse wanting with possessing.

Stop fearing, if they fooled you when they made you believe that you should be with someone to be, then leave behind that silly idea now that you discovered it,

that way, that is one of those things with the phrase "there is nothing more to say",

do not wait for someone to smile, use your time to be able to love.

Start flying, start to get better.

Stop to observe: there are always a thousand reasons to heal!

Having love as an addiction is a drug that kills the heart

that know how to find perdition

and more when you confuse with illusion a simple situation,

but just leave the dependence that love is something out of obligation

Life is magic! Let the season begin!

Love time is perfect, that's why you read this today.

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