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AEIOU (portal) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

AEIOU (portal) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Note: For other meanings, see AEIOU.

AEIOU is a Portuguese portal launched in 1996 by Caleida Comunicação Global Lda. It belonged to the Impresa group between 2006 and 2011, being in this period managed by the subsidiary AEIOU - Investimentos Multimédia SA . with headquarters in Porto.

In January 2012 the management team made an MBO on the project and reacquired the AEIOU portal, which is now owned by Cool Beans, Lda. [1] [2] In January 1996 Caleida Comunicação Global Lda made AEIOU public.

It was launched with the purpose of cataloging all the Portuguese Internet pages. At the same time, new contents and services were born around them.

In 2003 AEIOU - Investimentos Multimédia SA was created and acquired the AEIOU Portal.

At the end of 2006 one of the largest Portuguese media groups (the Impresa group) acquired AEIOU through its Media Zoom domination, becoming part of the group's sub-holding, Impresa Digital. Later, in 2008, it strengthened its position.

Since then, the AEIOU has undergone some changes and new versions of the portal have been launched, bringing newness to the level of contents and services available, focusing on community Web 2.0 and the concept of personalization of the portal by the user.

He started to add the contents of the group Impresa, assuming the role of portal of the group of Francisco Pinto Balsemão. The homepage of the portal has been optimized and reorganized so as to highlight the news coming from the various media of the group, from the Express to the Vision, through specialized titles such as Blitz or Turbo. The SIC website has been included in the AEIOU, reinforcing the video and entertainment component of the portal.

In June 2008, Impresa, through its subsidiary AEIOU, reached an agreement for the acquisition of 7Graus, owner of the online photo site The aim of the operation is to develop the "online photography activity" and to foster AEIOU's "international expansion strategy". In addition to owning, 7Graus also owns the photography site (for the French-speaking market) and extends its activities to other Internet activities.

AEIOU sites, in addition to Xekmail and Olhares , are Blah . The chat system offers different themed and personalized rooms - grouped by themes, interest groups, ages, cities and regions.

The blog community Weblog is one of the main AEIOU , hosting a few thousand blogs.

The Relay brings together football enthusiasts' communities in a user-friendly sports commenting environment, combining professional content with various types of user generated content

The Kiosk is an AEIOU news, news and information site.

videogames and digital lifestyle.

Kitchenet is a website for recipes and culinary tips from Grupo Impresa. Re-launched in October 2008 in a Web 2.0 version, it has a database of a few thousand recipes.

Impresa Direct counts on sending mail marketing services and also Mobile Marketing for a 100% opt-in database with a unique crossed validation system via email and mobile phone.

Cupid Online is another of the AEIOU communities, aiming to provide a meeting between people by sending messages.

The Bank of Jokes is an entertainment site with anecdotes, associated by keywords.

Friendship is one of the AEIOU communities, which aims to be it to meet new people, make new friends or look for a special company.

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