Bailey Nurseries Expands Its Digital Help Service "Help Desk & rsquo;

Bailey Nurseries Expands Its Digital Help Service

Bailey Nurseries Expands Its Digital Help Service "Help Desk & rsquo;

Launched in 2016, the Endless Summer® Collection text messaging program provides users with monthly reminders and tips for flowering cycles of their hydrangeas. Reminders are customized by region and weather patterns.

A recent Bailey Nurseries survey found that more than 70 percent of respondents suffer from distress when planting and caring for their plants, explaining the need for a text messaging program to improve accessibility of the garden at home.

"We are expanding the successful textbook of the past year and continue to take the advice and the best practices of cultivation to the hands of our fans to the yard florists or 'yardeners', as we like to call modern homeowner who emphasizes visual appeal more than traditional gardening, "said Ryan McEnaney, a spokesman for Bailey Nurseries. "While it is easy to take care of our plants, frequent text reminders offer timely advice, without spam or publicity, to maintain the health and vitality of suckers."

To get the text program, users can type 730-95 and type one of the following:

  • ENDLESS SUMMER for Endless Summer

Digital reminders will include tips like the following:

> When and how to prune plants in spring When to fertilize and to put protective mulch How often to water plants When to condition them for winter Let's Ask Amy offers answers to difficult questions "We recently ran a survey that indicated that 50 percent of the yardeners turn to friends, family, and neighbors for advice, while the other half looks at home improvement, YouTube, and blogs," McEnaney said. "Amy is a combination of both options and is available to help 24/7."

Users can send their questions to Amy to respond to them on Instagram or Facebook with #LetsAskAmy or via online form at Amy will respond directly to users' questions.


Bailey Nurseries Expands Its Digital Help Service
Bailey Nurseries Expands Its Digital Help Service "Help Desk & rsquo;

The Endless Summer® Collection is the highest-selling garden hydrangea brand in the world. Introduced by Bailey Nurseries in 2004, Endless Summer boosted the demand for flowering shrubs and revolutionized the hydrangea market with the first variety of fresh flowering. The four varieties of the collection flourish during the growth of the previous season and the current season, providing a constant show of large and beautiful flowers from spring to autumn. For more information, visit


The First Editions® Collection is a selection of over 125 shrubs, trees , rosales and more premium varieties carefully tested with the Selected for Success ™ category. They were developed especially for those who start to experiment with gardening, are easy to care for and particularly resistant. With a steady stream of new introductions, First Editions® offers a strong regional selection to meet diverse landscaping needs in all areas of the United States. For more information visit


Easy Elegance® roses are so simple that anyone can grow them. For more information, visit

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