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640 bags of coconut coffee and 13 bags of coffee have been recovered, four vehicles, cell phones and other objects.

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For months, coffee thefts had been occurring at Fazenda Sinhá, located near the town of Chapadão de Ferro, in the municipality of Patrocínio. After receiving the complaint, investigators from the Stealing and Stealing Police Department began the investigations and arrested 7 involved. 640 bags of coconut coffee and 13 bags of coffee benefited, four vehicles, cell phones and other objects were recovered.

One rural producer attended the Patrocinio Police Station and reported that the rural estate, Fazenda Sinhá in Chapadão de Irons, in the rural area of ​​Patrocínio (MG), has been the target of several coco coffee thefts in the last three months. The crimes occurred in the middle of the crop and in the coffee grounds. The suspects were residents of the nearby camp, iron chapadão, and residents of a settlement of the "landless", neighboring the property. With this information the civilian police, through the Delegate Dr. Moacyr and the investigators Abel, Rafael, Toninho and Léo went to the site and found Monacir Nunes de Jesus, 23, gathering coffee from the ground and bagging. He was detained and in an interview confessed that he had been stealing the farm for 15 days daily in the company of other comparsas, who did not want to reveal the name, only reporting that who took him to the farm to commit the thefts was an individual known as " Bazé "and even paid about $ 200 a day to steal coffee for him.

The civilians went to the village of Chapadão de Ferro and succeeded in locating a car with the characteristics similar to the vehicle used in the flight and near the vehicle about 30 bags of coconut coffee. The vehicle was open and there were several traces of coconut coffee, bags and tools to collect and pack the coffee, but the house was closed.

About 45 minutes later, Alex Aparecido dos Santos, 31 years old, a native of Bom Despacho (MG) arrived at the scene on a Yamaha YBR blue motorcycle, without license plate and chassis, showing a lot of nervousness. Investigators questioned him and Alex contradicted himself several times. At this time Alex's mother came in and confessed to her son's involvement in theft.

With Alex's permission, the detectives looked at his cell phone, where there were several WhatsApp conversations, confirming his participation in thefts occurred at the "Sinhá" Farm in the company of Adeon Damasceno Machado, 41, known as Adeon "Goiano", Wagner Moreira da Silva, 33, from Patrocínio (MG) and Marcos Lúcio Martins, 35.

According to the police, thefts occurred frequently, but in the last week they were occurring daily. In the face of the evidence, Alex confirmed his participation and the other prisoners in the robbery of today and of the previous days. While the police were at Alex's residence, they approached Vagner and "Goiano" who were interviewed by the investigators, and they had no alternative to the evidence also confirmed their participation in the theft of today and yesterday.

The operation culminated in the seizure of a motorcycle, 3 automobiles, the cell phones used by the authors, tools used to gather and pack the coffee, recovered 640 bags of coffee in coconut and 13 bags of coffee benefited and conducted 7 authors and the surroundings.

After contact and authorization of the delegate on duty, the investigators appointed a head of Fazenda Sinha to keep all recovered material as a faithful depository, since the Depol does not have the proper structure to store the products. The vehicles were taken to the accredited yard.

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