Bomb - definition of Bomb Dictionary

Bomb - definition of Bomb Dictionary

Bomb - definition of Bomb Dictionary

It was not bad or much less, because, yes, for me the green is the green, and the bugs were superior; but the Bomba had that day the saint with his back, and you see that I am one of those who believe that the Bomba does not catch a bull like he does not throw a horn to him ...

18. Test and test apparatus.- Pressure tests shall be carried out with a pump suitable for the apparatus to be tested. This pump will have the necessary safety devices to effectively and safely prevent the test pressure from being exceeded during the test.

They have secrets in the case of the atomic bomb that allowed them to obtain the secret of the atomic bomb five years before it would have gotten by its own means.

The Prairie, San Francisco and Chester cannons strongly support the Americans, who advance only step by step. A bomb aimed at the Municipal Palace gives the clock and stops the hands at 7:12 p.m.

The first, wounded by many bullets and the explosion of a bomb, manages to crawl, all bloody, fair to his bed where he dies two hours later.

(These are most likely from the prison garrison, as dangerous individuals remain locked up and their presence causes them great pity.) naval bombing continues. A bomb of the Chester falls in the house of the consul of France, crosses the walls, and almost kills Lady Brouzet.

His face was painted with yellow cross stripes and on his head was a plume of plumage very rich and his whole body covered with feathers of blue hummingbird, but in spite of its perfection, there was something strange: his left leg seemed thinner than the other, as if it were bird. His terrible presence, so suddenly, fell like a bomb of surprise before the criminals.

You could ask that question the afternoon that you let yourself be shot to save my life! cried Don Jorge, with as much impetus as if, instead of gratitude, a bomb had burst in his heart.

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

When these waters fall violently into the lower abyss of which I have spoken, they form currents that return through the Earth to the beds they encounter, which fill as a bomb fills up.

We do not have to scribble and walk around acting wrong with our words. We do not need any brick or glass bottles; we do not need any Molotov bombs.

The battery of Santa Rosa sent the same response at the moment; and an iron pump, scraping the water, went to sink in its bosom, breaking the steel shell that covered it.

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