Daughter of Oshun

Its receptacle is a crockery of yellow or colored crockery predominating yellow. Oshun has 5 otá that live inside the tureen with river water. Its main attributes are a sun, a hand of snails, mirrors, combs, rings, 5 adanes (handles), fish, fans, sandalwood fans, Ibú Kolé feathers, peacock feathers, crowns, hearts, snails, shells, boats, corals, light ponytail irukes, bell, handkerchiefs, half moon, two oars, a star, etc. His most traditional Elekes are made by inserting 5 yellow beads, 1 amber, 5 gold.

Oshun's power objects. He uses a fan of yellow sandalwood or peacock feathers with which he fancies himself. Oshun rings his five gold bracelets. A half moon, two oars, a star, the sun and five little bells that go with her dress. These objects can change according to their path.

Oshun costumes. Oshun wears a yellow dress, girded by a sash with a rhombus in the stomach. The dress carries bells at some points.

Oshun dances. The Oshun dance is the most sensual. He laughs like Yemaya and shakes his arms to ring his bracelets. Oshun raises his arms over his head to emphasize his charms. While dancing, he makes voluptuous movements and asks men for sex with their hands outstretched and sudden movements of their hips. Ask for honey, showing the sweetness of sex and life. You can imitate rowing in a small boat. When she combs her hair or admires herself in the mirror, she is very stretched out looking over her nose at those around her.

Oshun Roads.

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