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So I was learning about Family today on Duolingo (Level 7 German) and it becomes so much better if you imagine a dramatic story behind the phrases they give you to translate. For example:

Wir sind Brüder (We are brothers)

Du hast eine Mutter / p>

already teary eyes.

"SHOOT IT!" Christoph screamed "SHOOT IT DEAD!" CAN NOT "Hans cried. "She's our mother!"

"Hans LISTEN, Du hast eine Mutter . She's dead and gone and there's nothing we can do about that! That thing Das ist nicht unser Mutter

I have cried a single tear as I pulled the trigger.

Hans a while to pull himself together. They buried the body in the backyard with a short service to morn their loss. Christoph placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"There are going to be some rough days ahead. We'll make it through though, as long as we have each other. Wir no Brüder and I'll never let you get hurt "

Or Further on in there was this trio of sentences (This one speaks for itself, no story necessary):

Du bist meinen Partner (You are my Partner)

Oh the tragic tale of a neglected lover that one there.

If you are not learning a language on Duolingo you should be, it's great and you can tell I'm having fun with it:)

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