El Edén - Finca and Eco-park

Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala / em> , 160 km from the capital city in the vicinity of the department of Mazatenango, 16 km from the amusement parks Xocomil and Xetulul, the largest in Central America.

In Eden you can live an unforgettable experience, are willing to forget the daily routine and connect with nature, allow your ears to hear birds singing and crickets, let your lungs breathe oxygen and nature scents , feel the positive energy of plants and trees, delight your gaze with the beauty of the volcanoes that surround us, the sky, the flowers, the stream, the birds of the field and the harmony of our landscape.

p> Take beautiful pictures and save the experience in the best place in your heart.

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If only you find yourself in the same place, beautiful gardens that inspire you to dream, a forest loaded with positive energy, nights of magic moon with music of crickets to tell a thousand stories, the continuous singing of a wild riachuelito, symphony orchestra of free birds, sunrises full of life, golden sunsets loaded with tranquility, a beautiful villa to share with your family, sports areas to share the fun, exquisite food and comfort in peace and harmony with nature ...

Then ... Finca El Edén is the ideal place for your vacation!

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