Today at last, after almost three months of living in the capital of Ireland, I am ready to advise you all about the pros and cons that this unique city has.

to focus on detailing the necessary things to know and what you have to keep in mind in order to survive.

Do you go to Dublin but do not know where to live ? well, it is very, very normal, since the housing here is very expensive and it is very difficult to find a house in good condition and in a central area.

The best page for rooms or houses rentals in Dublin is The problem? that the majority of floors ask for a deposit of minimum one month, that is to say, 700, 800 e,! A barbarity! and more without being sure if it will be reliable or not.

The truth is that we had a lot of luck since we found one in which they only made us pay 150 euros per person to reserve it, the fear of knowing if we were being ripped off or not. (if you are interested in knowing about our stay here, comment and we will send you the contact)

If you do not have the same fate as us, there is always the option to come with nothing, sleep in a hostel and go looking for there. If this is the case, be patient, since you will not find home in two or three days. Rent a room round about 400/500 e per person per month. The expenses of water, gas, are usually charged every two months and if you want TV at home you have to pay a tax.

In the face of doubt, what is the best area, Dublin, 1,2,3,4,5 ... say that in my opinion it depends a lot, find bad and good sites in the same area.

Dublin 1, 2.3 are in the center.

Dublin 4.6 are good areas, though a little far.

Dublin 8 is where all students live.

IMPORTANT: You should always carry coins when you get on the bus, since no bills are accepted, no change.

Once you have clarified the topic, you are probably looking for an academy to learn English.

Here are some links for me that are the best in quality / price. You can prepare for different exams: Cambridge, IELTS . and in addition they are based on an English study called Method Callan, where they are dedicated solely and exclusively to speak in English, thus learning through repetition. The best thing about this academy is that they do 3 or 4 weekly activities to discover Ireland, which also allows you to meet new people and practice your English. In addition the schedule is flexible and if you miss you save the hours.

You can also go to numerous exchanges that take place all over Dublin, for FREE !! Ask in your academy.

Theme parties, outings and more ... If you are Spanish you will not have problems finding a site that you like because Dublin is full of Spaniards, numerous pubs of Spanish music, latin . etc is one of my favorite places.

Another place you can not even miss is Dicey's, as all drinks, including the famous GUNNESS are 2 and up. When you are there do not forget to ask for the strawberry cider ., you will die of pleasure. They also prepare food !!

The truth is that for my taste Dublin, as a city leaves much to be desired and more if you live in the center, as sometimes there are strange people and that the site itself is not very nice. If you leave Dublin center it is becoming more beautiful.

Do not expect houses to be like the movies, it will not be like that unless you live in the suburbs. What I do find really interesting is IRELAND, which surrounds Dublin.

Time? It's cold, yes, but not so much. It rains a lot, but it does not disturb. Do not buy umbrellas, you will break.

Is it expensive to live here? Yes, but if you know how to look for things is like everywhere. We spend about 50 a week on food for two people, we bought a bike for 80 euros second hand (they are quite expensive for the conditions they are in), which saves us a lot in transportation.

To get Irish, go to 48 go or three.

And finally two things, if you're good to eat, you'll have to look a lot. The only supermarket where you can find variety and more or less economic price, is LIDL AND ALDI. And another, be careful when crossing the streets, and look three hundred times the traffic light, because in this city it seems that they do not understand very well what is red and what is green ... When you come, you will understand what I mean.

Ask me all the things you want to know, because I'm probably leaving a lot of things unsaid.

Soon I will upload new entries explaining the excursions that are worth more in detail.


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