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. kukulcania (= Filistata) hibernalis Hentz (Arachnida: Araneae: Filistatidae) had been considered as Filistata ​​i >, but now it is considered in the genus Kukulcania. Spiders Filistatidae family are most often associated with other families with a structure called "cribellum" (a "plate" producer tissue that lies inside).

Description [edit]

Kukulcania hibernalis is a species with a high degree of sexual dimorphism. The females are blackish-gray and 3 to 3.5 cm. of body length. The abdomen is "elongated ovoid-," and sometimes it can be considerably relaxed if after feeding or pregnant female is. The male measures between 9 and 10mm in length, is beige or amber and has long legs and pedipalpos. The males also have a brown ribbon from the back of the eyes and decreasing until the rib cage is finished. Likewise, males of K. hibernalis are generally longer than L. recluse . Have longer longer legs and palps, and have 8 eyes grouped into prominence, compared with six eyes (it's three pairs) of the prison L.

habits and habitat [edit]

This species is totally harmless, it is considered beneficial because it catches insects considered as pests like flies, cockroaches, and even beetles.

Its distinctive web makes them easy to identify. The protuberance where the eyes are located, the size and color in both sexes, the size of legs and pedipalpos make them of easy identification. Males are easily captured outdoors and females are seen on the outskirts of their nest.

Management: These spiders are located in or around the houses or buildings because their prey are attracted to the lights of households. To prevent infestations of these spiders it is recommended to clean and / or repair the bases of the windows, as well the spaces above and below the doors must be sealed, repair the holes in the walls and the constant cleaning of the corners in our home,

Adult female of Kukulcania Hibernalis at the entrance to her nest

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