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Hello there!

I wanto to explain how I made the octagons for my colorful blanket.

Starting with a magic ring, crochet 3 chain or treble and crochet 15 treble, to make a total of 16 in the first row. (I hide the tails now, when I finish every color so I don't have to hide all together in the end)

With white yarn chain 3 and 4 more treble in the same stitch of the previous row to make a "popcorn" stitch, then 3 chain, skip one stitch from previous and repeat to make a total of 8 popcorns separated by 3 chain each.

Okay. I suggest you crochet a sample with your yarn and crochet you choose, make the color row in the size you desire. I wanted it to be 5 rows of all the colors I have, you can make it bigger or smaller, let your imagination fly!

Next, start with 3 chain or false treble and 3 more treble in the arch of the row below, chain one and repeat the same in every arch. to show you how I resolve corners and the beginning of every row. This is the least noticeable:

Second color row: chain 3 or a treble (you can see how I make it in the video) in the chain below, treble 4 and one more in the chain below , to make 8 groups of 6 trebles separated by a chain.

Continue adding rows of one or more colors, as many as you wish. I wanted to make 5 rows of the same color

This is the first time I create and share a pattern. Please, be patient if I did not explain well. Just ask me anything and I will gladly answer. As you surely guessed by now, my mother tongue is not hehehe !!

Thank you and be free to comment whatever you wish!

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