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Mark Baum is a singer and actor living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He sings classic popular songs from Latin America, especially Colombia, his partner's homeland.

In April 2012, he released his first CD, "Arboles y Amores", which has received airplay on shows such as "Mundofonias" (Radio Exterior de España, Madrid), "Los Mas W" , "Folk Music and Beyond" (KALW, San Francisco), and "Spin The Globe" (KAOS, Olympia). As of March 2013, it has over 500 fans on Jango Radio and has been accepted for inclusion in Pandora.

The musicians of "Trees and Loves" have formed the new ensemble "Blossom" and plan to release an album focusing on Colombian songs in late 2013.

Mark Baum has gained quite a few fans (and some notoriety) for singing love songs as a gay man, and changing the lyrics when necessary to reflect this. Although the history of Latin music has no shortage of brilliant LGTB artists, no interpreter has yet received international attention for making a career of this. Since the repertoire is cherished by so many people, this is something they either love or hate, but the fans say that it gives them new and profound appreciation for songs that they've heard all their lives.

Praise for Trees and Loves:

"A marvelous interpretation, it puts the hairs on you. tip ... Pure delicacy and feeling! (A marvel of interpretation, it puts your hair on end ... Pure delicacy and feeling!)
"- Mundofonías: Foreign Radio of Spain "A collection of classic Colombian melodies that, along with Claudia Gómez's 'Tierradientro', reinforce Colombia's lovely musical heritage." - Michael Mark Baum's voice and Rafael Manríquez's guitar partner seamlessly in a pleasant, liquid symbiosis. Guillén, film blogger

"Mark, how wonderful that you are finally recording your interpretations of such beautiful material in your impeccable unique way." Your voice sounds pure, haunting, and sincere. Congratulations on a project so smooth and cute! Marquez, Latin jazz singer

"Just spent a rainy Hawaiian morning listening to your album which is so touching, so tender, such a gift of love and your voice fits this material like a glove. , the care with all the details, your voice giving to this music so generously. Congratulations! "
- Rhiannon, jazz singer and improviser

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