* ♥ Mhathy Photos and Memories ♥ *

* ♥ Mhathy Photos and Memories ♥ *

* ♥ Mhathy Photos and Memories ♥ *

One of the sites I visited in Panama, the World Bridge, Heart of the Universe.

my country, and what I liked most is The Explorer, a very curious place, located in a beautiful environment away from the hectic modern life, there you can see a very original way of recycling objects that otherwise would be discarded, All the place there are signs (in Spanish only) with quotes and thoughts of personal improvement and positivism to give place to the reflection and spiritual renewal.

It is located in Jaramillo Arriba, Boquete, Chiriquí province, (507) -720-1989 and by e-mail: el_explorador_bqt@yahoo.com

The Explorer opens to the public only on Fridays on Sundays and on holidays. It has a modest entrance fee for the maintenance of the area.

Here we see the façade of the Cafeteria, and in the back the path leads to the different attractions offered by the place.

The Explorador, owned by the Miranda family, was originally a farm destined to enjoy family and friends, where citrus trees, coffee plantations and vegetable plantations abounded.

Committed with their philosophy of not damaging the ecosystem were gradually giving shape to a place where they have been recycled from old televisions, bottles, shoes to phones and old sewing machines.

It counts on the visit of different personalities both national and foreign, although for them there are no titles or status, and all are treated with equal attention and care with the only rule of respecting nature and not damage the plants.

Visitors can spend as much time as they need on site. If this is the first time, you will be given a guide that tells you a brief overview of every detail of the site.

At the beginning of the tour, we receive a polyglot elf welcoming us in several languages.

Here the route starts, it is partly difficult, but for people who need it they are offered some walking sticks to support them and help them along the route where necessary.

The entire route is properly signposted.

Along the route you will be able to observe curiosities such as the Sewing Machine "Patchwork of Broken Hearts".

The Polyphonic Choir "Yo si Pinte" whose members are used paint brushes.

The "Casimiro", with lenses or glasses recycled.

The "Monster Tragamuñecas".

The "Bottle Marimba" ... If you play in tune, the goblins go out to greet.

The "Telephone of San Pedro".

The "Biological Computer with Virtual Reality".

The "Footpath of Shoes" with plants sown in shoes like flowerpots.

The "Green Hen of the Golden Eggs".

The "Happy Bee" is a cabin without walls with more curiosities and phrases to observe and read.

The Casita of Chokolate.

A paila as we call it here in Panama as a planter. How many good rices have you cooked in your good times?

A female stick ...

To the right of the Cafeteria you can see the end of the path that ends the walk in the garden.

In the cafeteria the visitor can taste his coffee that is specially cultivated and cast in the traditional way, also offer hot chocolate, assorted fruit smoothies, especially the avocado, which is delicious, puff pastry, homemade cookies and homemade sweets,

The Retired Fire Extinguisher.

And in the bathroom La Tusa de Maíz Decorativa. It alludes to the time when it was said they were used instead of toilet paper.

I have had the opportunity to enjoy my visit to the site several times and I have always found something new and novel, so I invite you to if you live or are visiting Chiriquí, Panama, write this site as a place to visit. And do not forget to sign the "Memories Book".

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