Morro de Pork stew with red curry | Delokos

Morro de Pork stew with red curry | Delokos

Morro de Pork stew with red curry | Delokos

3 Pork Mounds Salty - 1 Large Onion - 4 Garlic Cloves - 3cm Fresh Ginger - 1 Red Pepper - - 3 teaspoons of thai red curry paste - 1 tablespoon of concentrated tomato - extra virgin olive oil - salt

We desalamos the pork hills for at least twelve hours in cold water. Cut into pieces of two or three centimeters, discarding the cartilage, and reserve. In a pot of thick bottom, with little oil as the meat will loose fat, we saute a majado made with garlic, ginger and salt. When it begins to brown, we incorporate the chopped onion and the pepper in dice until they are well poached.

We incorporate the pork, cut in pieces of about three centimeters, and we spend about five minutes. Add the curry paste and the concentrated tomato, and take a few turns until it is integrated. Cover just enough with broth, bring to a boil and cook covered, over a low heat, until the meat is cooked, about an hour and a half.

We boil uncovered, on a low heat, to reduce the sauce to the consistency that we like, and we rectify the salt. We serve hot.

The pig's nose is a soft and sweet flesh, very tasty and cheap. It can be found fresh or even for sale already cooked, but I have chosen to leave from salty nose, very common in my land and easy to get.

Curry and ginger act as flavor enhancers, and give it a slight exotic touch, although not too far away from the traditional stew. I like to use small amounts of red curry in casseroles.

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