[NOTE] 5 Female Idols in having a lot of fans | Kpop Replay

[NOTE] 5 Female Idols in having a lot of fans | Kpop Replay

[NOTE] 5 Female Idols in having a lot of fans | Kpop Replay

Who said that only male idols had millions and millions of fans? The following female idols also have millions of fans who are loyal.

Let's see who these female idols are for internet users as a favorite.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon

Girls' Generation leader and vocalist is certainly very popular. The idol born in 1989 of melodious voice, beautiful face and who acts comedian sometimes has made the fans fall to its feet. It has been reported that she has a fansite with more than 200,000 members.

In addition, she has been in the spotlight for her outrageous and romantic relationship with Baekhyun / b>, fans showed support and loyalty to the celebrity who debuted ten years ago.

Suzy of miss A

With the talent of singing and act, who would not fall in love with the beautiful Suzy . The idol born in 1994 has starred in numerous television dramas and films, such as Dream High , Big , < Architecture 101 and Gu Family Book .

Thanks to his great performance in the drama < Architecture 101 , the singer who has by royal name Bae Su Ji , has been named "The First Love of the Nation" in South Korea. For her beautiful face, she came in number 14 in the "Critical Independent List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013" , and No. 11 in the 2014 edition. And there is no doubt that she have male and female fans.

This young talented singer who was born in 1993 certainly has a great musical talent. The idol who has the title "The Little Sister of the Nation" , had the opportunity to perform a duet with the legendary Korean singer, Seo Tae Ji with the song , Sogyeokdong.

Krystal of f (x)

Who does not fall in love with the beautiful idol who is Jessica Jung's younger sister. She is considered to have many male and female fans. Fans admit that they do not just like the beauty of the idol born in 1994, they even like their looks and style.

Girl's Day Minah

She debuted with Girl's Day as lead vocalist and visual artist in 2010. Bang Minah stole many hearts from Kpop fans for her vocal ability and beautiful face. In addition to singing and dancing, the idol of 1993 was even able to showcase its talent in acting in Frustrated, but Let's Stick Together , in a segment of tvN < b> Roller Coaster , and becoming the lead actress of the film, Holly in 2013. / p>

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