Old Town School | Hello! Wiggleworms: 12 - 24 months

Old Town School | Hello! Wiggleworms: 12 - 24 months

Old Town School | Hello! Wiggleworms: 12 - 24 months

Hello Wiggleworms! celebrates being bilingual! Rooted in traditional folk songs from Spanish-speaking countries around the world, the class is alive with singing, dancing, and musical discovery. Children and their families delight in the musical play of Wiggleworms while they explore the Spanish language and experience the joy of learning language through music.

Your little one grows, together you'll learn our core songs- a beautiful collection of traditional and contemporary sing-along songs. Expect this class to be full of movement, interaction, and musical play with puppets, shakers, and props as children explore their emerging language skills.

If you are bilingual or just learning the Spanish language, enjoy this musical experience with your little one. You will go home singing together in Spanish. Everyone is welcome to sing and dance!

Hello Wiggleworms! is a bilingual celebration. With traditional songs from the Hispanic world, this class lives on singing, dancing and musical discovery. Enjoying with music, children together with their families will embark on a journey exploring the Castilian language and enjoying the experience of learning a language through music.

During your child's growth, we will learn our common songs - a beautiful compilation of traditional and contemporary songs. Anticipate that this class is full of movement, sharing, and playing with music using puppets, maracas, and teaching materials during your child's exploration process as you emerge in language using your own skills.

If you are bilingual or are learning Spanish, we invite you to enjoy our music with your child. Together they will go home singing in Spanish! Everyone is welcome to sing and play!

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And Click here for the lyrics to our Core Songs!
The lyrics of our common songs are found here!

Click here to listen to recordings of our core songs here! Listen to the recordings of our common songs here!

Special Info

Open pro-rated enrollment for all classes with availability.

Depending on the quota, can attend only part of the classes and pay only those classes.

Hello Wiggleworms is primarily an immersion experience in the language and music of Spanish speaking countries. Teachers will support children and grownups, still learning Spanish, with visual, aural, and take home materials. Check out the link to our Songbook and audio files above!

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