Orquesta - meaning of orquesta

Orquesta - meaning of orquesta

Orquesta - meaning of orquesta

I need at least five billion, but if I give you these five violins, I have only four million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-five pa to complete my orchestra. They screamed at him, the boys on the corks were whipped in vain by the blankets and handkerchiefs, and he heard the dissonant beat of whistles, claps, and snarling voices that came from that singular orchestra. .

Everything seemed new in the theater. The orchestra was of angels: even the spider in the center gave more light. In that enthusiasm, he took part in patriotism with satisfaction.

Plaza wielded the journalist's pen, defending new ideas, and his works filled the columns of "The Horoscope", "The Fathers of Cold Water" "The Idea", "The Red Flag", "The Light of the Free", "The Constitutional", "The Orchestra", "The Red Pen", "San Baltasar" and "The Mexican Magazine".

p> But soon the emotion disappeared, and swaying to the rhythm of the orchestra, it slid forward, with slight movements of the neck.

IV How many hours did it errace alone in the middle of silent masks in that vaulted hangar like a church, and it was a church, indeed, an abandoned and secularized church was that large room with ogival windows, most of them half-walled, between its ornate and whitewashed columns with a thick yellow cape where the sculptured flowers of the capitals Strange dance in which there was no dance and in which there was no orchestra! From my inner orchestra it is an echo that I make sound in the slow calm, and that when I leave the dark hollow of my glacial mouth, it relieves my soul.

One million of dollars to the best! At the same time, thousands of applause were heard, mixed with the rhythm of the orchestra. "Let's start!"

Antonio Domínguez Hidalgo

And although sharp linotypes restrain me on the page sealed by the sale, I know that sailing aromas in my orchestra predict the song of the great feast.

I come to life sad and confident in my foresight not to expect anything, I came to life, to watch the flight of the bird that pity for reaching the sky, to follow the feast of Spring, to see Esperanza, crazy Esperanza, that as soon as the orchestra initiates a chord, again it is launched.

Beatriz Eguía Muñoz

The last notes of the orchestra had just been lost in the air, and still followed her memory voluptuously caressing the ears of the audience, as they continue caressing the lover's ear, many hours after pronounced, the woman's phrases originate from her love.

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