pajaro - definition and meaning

I discovered the pied of pajaro , is much more accurate.

> pajaro two years ago in September and just fell in love ... a whole new texture and flavor variation in the funghi world for me.

A less brilliant

In Spanish, the bird is known as' bird bird 'which literally means' clock bird' because of this display.

burial, guebos vna braça under the sand. to the side of the water and there the chickens come out and with the little things haçia arriua, the sand is coming down, and when Aiba is then buell. called _maiz of pajaro _, and it is cultivated as a substitute for the ordinary corn, or for use in making atole.

Love is alone a bird that roams?

> pajaro , some of them say that it is the verdecillu.

_tabones pajaro s_ And in this land,

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