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Pl @ ntNet is an application for collecting, annotating and retrieving images to aid in plant identification.

It was developed by a formed consortium by scientists from CIRAD, INRA, INRIA, IRD, and the Tela Botanica network under a project funded by the Agropolis Foundation.

A support system for automatic plant identification is included. images compared to images from a botanical database. The results are used to obtain the botanical name of a plant, if this is sufficiently illustrated in the base. This application works with more than 3,700 species of wild plants of the French metropolitan flora, whose list is available through the application. The name of processed species and the name of images used evolve with contributions to the project.

The application does not allow the identification of ornamental plants. It works best when the photos are focused on an organ or an accurate part of the plant. Photos of tree leaves with a uniform background will present the most relevant results.

If you correctly identify a desired species, you can participate in this project by transmitting your observation with the "contribution" button. These contributions will be subject to a moderation process and validated in collaboration.

To find this application on the web, go to the following address: fr / base / tree

People who wish to contribute to the project in a more participative and interactive way can go to:

User Reviews

by MizMM

Also I am really annoyed that they did not offer the privacy setting options to have GPS tracking only when using the app. Instead they have it set to collect data on where we are even if the app is off.

There is no excuse for the app to need the GPS tracking to be always on when it is not in use. I feel the same way about the Waze app not giving the option to only track our GPS when we have the app on. Having GPS constantly on without the choice to have it always on causes I have to turn it on and off a lot if I want to use such an app, so I will probably delete the app because it's too much trouble.

I am really surprised that I was told of this app and it turns out it's apparently not meant for people in the United States. What is it doing in the United States IPhones app?

If you put in the North American plants only I can use it in the US, and you add the option to not be GPS tracked except when the app is in use, I will rate it highly.

Hard to use by Aunt Scorpion

It has plants in the USA. You just have to change the settings. It has nice photos, but they are not in alphabetical order so are useless for looking up to plant. It has categories by family groups, but how many of us non-botanists use Latin family names for plant groups? So, that part is useless for me. There is no search tool. You can not put in "rose" etc and get a photo of a rose. I did not try the photo ID application. I do not know if that works or not. It is a good idea, but needs lots of improvements. I'm deleting it.

Choose your region / country under "Projects"
by Chosen7Stone

I've been amazed by this app. I take a photo of the flower or leaf or both and can almost always identify it. I've used it in Florida and in Oregon so far and am so impressed. For those in North America, be sure to read the instructions upon installing the app. I chose "USA" in the Projects list.

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