Road to Ithaké: Economy Course for Cosmonauts (I): Sustainable Human Development

A few days ago, the Frikosal blog was an interesting discussion. As it could not be otherwise, the question revolved around the crisis.

None of the participants in it have any training in economics (as far as I know) but it is an issue that, unfortunately, affects us all to such a degree that we are obliged to undertake a fast course of the subject. And the fact is that, after many years expurgating here and there, listening to people who do know a lot about these and many other things, reading, contemplating and, above all, reflecting and trying to understand the meaning of things, I have come to mount my own imperfect vision of the world in which we live and the origin of the things that happen to us. And, like many, I am not very satisfied with what surrounds me.

But is there an alternative? Or are we doomed to let the forces of history and economics dictate judgment for good or for wrong? Answering these questions is an exercise of the greatest difficulty, not so much because of the complexity of the subject or the insufficiency of my knowledge, but mainly because the effort to give a coherent answer is much greater than that of putting a criticism. Gathering all your ideas into a coherent whole requires you to confront them with reality, to go from desires to deeds and be sincere with oneself. It is easy to be a room revolutionary; what is really difficult is to give a concrete alternative and expose yourself to the possibility of being wrong.

I have constructed my answer on the whole of my experiences and my ideology but it does not fully correspond with them. This is because I have started from the premise that it was an achievable response, not a traumatic rupture with our present world, which did not require violent revolutions or terminal crises, that is to say, that it was attainable simply by reforming our model current. This means giving up ideological principles that I consider to be acceptable to the majority. My hope is that an imperfect alternative is better than a wrong reality. And, after all, maybe my ideas are imperfect.

I look forward to your comments.

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