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My daughter's birthday was approaching and one of the key components of her birthday celebration is her cake. I had made it a tradition since her cake for her first birthday was just too precious that I wanted to continue getting her nice custom cakes for her birthdays.

Hans and Harry's Bakery in Bonita which is where I have been getting her cakes done since her first birthday. They have always been super nice and have been great in creating custom cakes for us according to our birthday theme. Not to mention delicious cakes. This years theme was Frozen.

Unfortunately, when I arrived to Hans and Harry's Bakery I discovered that they no longer create custom cakes. I was in complete shock with this curve ball. I was told that the owner thought that they were taking too long to create cakes and no longer wanted to provide them. I was very sad to hear this because I know I am not the only one that will pay for these once a year, but it was time to move on, I guess.

The day I arrived to celebrate Natalia's birthday and I was busy taking care of some things at home so I asked my husband to pick up the cake. My daughter and I were anxiously awaiting the cake to arrive. When we saw it we fell in love. My daughter's eyes sparkled with happiness. I was so thankful and grateful and new that things sometimes happen for a reason. It was meant for us to switch bakeries. Cake did an amazing job with the cake. The Olaf, made out of chocolate, that they created was just too cute. Also, you should know that they do not use fondant on their cakes (fondant that is used to decorate or sculpt cakes) they use butter cream frosting which in my opinion is a lot better than the fondant that usually ends up just being a blanket of icing you do not really eat.

If you are looking for delicious cake, beautiful creations, great customer service and just great bakery in general look no further and give Cake in Mission Hills San Diego a try. Love it, I recommend it, and I will definitely be back. Thanks again Cake for saving the day and giving us an awesome cake that was not only the highlight of my daughter's birthday celebration but it was a huge success with everyone and especially with the Birthday Girl.

♥ ••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• It bites my daughter's birthday and for us one of the main details for my daughter's birthday celebrations is the cake. From the first year I ordered his cake for his birthday I liked it so much that I decided to make it a tradition. It does not matter if the celebration is small or the cake will always be the center of attention of your party.

It is very difficult to find a bakery where not only they make nice cakes but also they are good. I set out to research the internet and search other Yelp bakeries to see where I was going to go now. I decided on Cake in Mission Hills San Diego and when I arrived I was greeted very well. I took a picture of the idea I wanted for the cake and they told me if they could do it and even better. They told me not to worry that they were going to make it nice and special for my daughter. They made me feel so good that I knew I could trust them.

The day came and as I was busy doing other things at home I asked my husband if he could pick up the cake. My daughter and I were anxious to see the cake. When my husband arrived with the cake we were left with our mouths open. My eyes were bright with happiness. They left the beautiful cake and even made a chocolate Olaf. I also want to mention that the cake was delicious. When I saw the cake, I realized that something might happen, maybe it was time to change bakeries.

We were very satisfied with the cake, it was delicious, we got good service and will go back again. The tradition of having a beautiful cake and decorated the theme of the party continued and my daughter was very happy. Thanks to Cake for her wonderful work. I recommend them.

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