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This time we wanted to pay tribute to one of the municipalities of Medellín called Santa Elena, where the cultivation of flowers, berries, strawberries and red fruits are harvested.

For this great variety of robust and intense green leaves, where purple tones are easily expressed in their flowers and leaves, especially when temperatures are low in the environment. Her mother is a blueberry with a rich fresh flavor and aromas of forest fruits, pollinated by a Dagga Afghan with yellow pistils and purple chalices.

Santa elena is a plant with a short structure, broad leaves, fresh aromas which remind us of the forests of Santa elena with red fruit flavors of the forest, a place full of mortiños, an experience that takes us through a magical place with just the aroma of its flowers.

Lineage: Blueberry
Dagga Afghan
Aromas: Blueberries, mint, red fruits.
Genotype: Sativa 50% Indica 50%
Flavors: Mint-fresh, floral with citrus touches
Vegetative: Minimum 30 days to 18 hours of light daily
Flowering time: 40-55 days
Thc: 21% approx. Medicinal value: Anti-inflammatory, expectorant, Anti-emetic.

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