Scrapero Hummingbird


This is my first card entering the seam, I do not deny it cost me and the simple one I had, I opted for the zig-zag and liked the result.

Some time ago I've told them that I'm trying to look for my style and I think I'm already going down a road, I like the pink, green, celeste osea all but a little cake, always if mixing them with earth tones, what do you think ?? ?

Detail of the twig, you have a few shines in the corner of Magda gift and had some beads in the form of a diamond I made a pair of pins in pink. p>

This other card I made with the tutorial that Ledesma gave us in the Divas Forum, the Card with window ... I know that I was late but I wanted to do it because I found the technique very beautiful.

The dog and the Magnolia painted them using l watery tips and then using the technique of baby oil with a pencil that is like a little sandpaper that I bought at the bookstore.

I made the flowers less the big one, the others I cut them with a punch I sprayed them with water and on a rubber eva triple I formed them with the bottom of a pencil and are on some tapes that I also collected with thread, with the leaves I did the same of the water when they dry they are hard and do not lose the form.

The dog I put 3D tape to give more effect and here an image of the interior.

Regalito of Anna !!!!! ... siiiii because she gave us the Tutorial in the Divas Forum to make our own stamps so this is my result that will now go in the accessories of my Shop, thanks Anna.

Well girls, I hope I do not disappear for so long, I'm still finishing a scarf and I have to do another Bender, the Futurama crochet robot, the two I made were very successful ... thank God. >

I love you and thank you for visiting me and if you leave me a message telling me what you think of my work, I would appreciate it as it helps to grow as creative, besooosssss ...

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