Slow Plates: Afternoon 1 in Oaxaca: A Birthday

Slow Plates: Afternoon 1 in Oaxaca: A Birthday

Slow Plates: Afternoon 1 in Oaxaca: A Birthday

A hot soup with chili

This soup had chicken broth and lots of pasta. The sauce was made with chili and garlic, toasted and a little water and salt.

Mezcal is made from the American Agave, whereas tequila is made from blue agave. It's traditional to rub salt + dried worms + chili powder on the lime, squeeze the lime juice into the mouth, then take a sip of mescal. Since mezcal is very strong, the flavor of lime definitely helps make it palatable.

Soft Tortillas (Soft Tortillas)

These corn tortillas were wrapped tightly in towels to keep warm. Tortillas are the utensil of choice for mole because you tear off a piece, fold the corners to make a base, then scoop up mole sauce.

Mole black with chicken

Mole negro is one of 7 of the famous moles in Oaxaca and takes the most time to make. This mole was prepared over a period of 5 days. First, chile chiluade, chile pasilla mexican, garlic, tomato, and onion are cooked together until they form a paste. In a separate pot, fried bread, sesame seeds, plantain, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, oregano, pepper, and cloves. ), Mexican chocolate, and cook, then add the tomato mixture and chicken stock and purée. The chicken is added at the very end to avoid overcooking.

Plantain Chips with Orange Aioli from Vegan Mexico by Jason Wyrick
Slow Plates: Afternoon 1 in Oaxaca: A Birthday

It is typical for most households in Mexico to have at least 2 blenders: one for fruit and another for mole. Aurea was aghast at the fact that a blender is not considered indispensable by most people in the US.

Happy birthday, Arturo!

This was a special lunch celebrating the 60th birthday of Arturo, the brother of the wife of Aurea's nephew, Diego. The cake was made with almonds and walnuts.

This is a special dish used for cooking mole.

The chocolate pot

This jug is used to make the drink, chocolate. The man behind the jug is Grandpa Diego is the father of Aurea's nephew Diego, whose wife is sister to the birthday boy, Arturo.

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