SOCLA - Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology

The Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology (SOCLA),

is a regional organization dedicated to the promotion of agroecology as a strategy to achieve development rural and sustainable food systems in Latin America. For this purpose, SOCLA holds a biannual Latin American congress, organizes short courses in several countries and produces publications on key issues related to agroecology. SOCLA also promotes working groups focused on the generation of knowledge, information, analysis and technical advice to civil and peasant organizations in the region dedicated to agroecology. SOCLA supports the creation of networks for the integration of the agro-ecological movement throughout Latin America. As a Scientific Society, SOCLA's main objective is to promote the reflection, discussion and scientific exchange of information on agroecology among researchers and teachers in the region. This is achieved through SOCLA activities such as:

bi-annual virtual publication of a journal with articles reporting research results, literature reviews, or important articles on key topics organization of a regional congress every 2 years implementation of online or face-to-face specialization courses, including the creation of a Latin American agroecological doctorate implementation of regional cooperative projects

SOCLA is a regional organization that interacts and fosters joint activities with other Societies and organizations involved in the promotion of agroecology. SOCLA promotes the creation of national chapters using the model of the already existing Brazilian Society of Agroecology, so that in each country groups are organized to promote training, research and diffusion of agroecology

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